Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh, Baby!

All right. First of all, how do I use this thing? Blogger did an update and because of my absents, I haven't been able to grasp on to how things work around here.

Ok. I'm going to have to own up to how horrible of a blogger I've been. I went from publishing a few times a week to not publishing anything at all. The reason is because life got in the way. Yeah. I know that's a sorry excuse but that's the only excuse I have. 

I published If Only I Were A Billionaire on June 10, 2012. I've been up to a lot since that last post. All the details will probably be posted on a later date. The reason I say "probably" is because there's a hell of a lot to tell. But I definitely do want to bring it all out into the open.

So, to sum up my existence for the past 13 months is....


I'm having a boy and he's due in October.

29 weeks down. 11 more weeks to go!