Monday, February 21, 2011

The Things that Make me Laugh

If you grew up in the 90s and you watched Cartoon Network, then you know Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee from Dexter's Laboratory.

During the summer of '98, Michael and I set up camp at my Nana's and Papa's house. Our intentions were to stay for the weekend. But being the type of teens that we were, we ended up staying the entire summer. I guess you could say we lived there. Ok. You could say we lived there. I didn't stay but five minutes up the street. But I didn't go home for nothing. I had all my essentials like my Nintendo 64 equipped with my one game. Mario 64. I had my one green controller and my gigantic cheat book. I had my K-Ci & Jo-Jo: Love Always CD, Janet Jackson: Velvet Rope CD, and Cleopatra: Comin atcha CD. I had my undies and toothbrush. So, I really didn't need to go home for anything. I was set for the 3 1/2 month summer vacation. My summer was slightly sucky because I had to go to summer school for six weeks. But, outside of that, life was golden.

I wanted to stay at my Nana and Papa's house for as long as possible. Which is why I had all my essentials. They had air conditioning, cable TV, and two computers. The kitchen computer had internet connection, the original Sim City, and a color printer. The basement computer was old school and had classic computer games like Chips Challenge, Tetris, and Pipe Dreams. I was addicted to those games. They had long distance service on their house phone. They always had food. And their house was always full of life. Two out of three of their girls still lived at home. Their oldest child was Yvette. She was married with two young boys; four year old Mikel (Me-kel) and three year old Mikal (Michael). So she was moved out, which left their middle child, Latrice. She attended college. Their last child, Shavonne, she had a three year old boy, A.J. And when my mom, Olivia, would stop by, she brought my one year old brother, Dante.

That summer, Dexter's Lab was the Cartoon Network's new show. I remember me and my cousin David would wait around anxiously for Thursday nights to roll around to catch the new episode of Dexter. That cartoon was our crack. The best memory was when my cousin, Michael, would compare us to Dexter and Dee Dee. He was the cool, calm, and collected inquisitive type while I was the hyper, talkative, girly girl that nagged him all-the-time. Somethings just don't change. Thirteen years later and we still act like them.

While I was at work last night, three girls came in a quarter to Midnight (before closing). The grocery store was calm and silent. The only thing anyone could hear was the crappy music playing through the speaker system and the floor cleaning machine. As soon as they came in, the entire balance of the store was thrown off. Suddenly the store was full of life again and all I heard was loud giggling and "oh my gosh" bombs being thrown around. They walked to the aisle that the ice cream was in. They were standing in front of the glass like they were mesmerize by frozen dairy like the ice cream was gold fish swimming in a glass bowl. I'm not saying they were dumb blonds. But by the conversation they were having, a person sorta starts to wonder. Girl one: "Oh my gosh". Girl two :"Oh my gosh!" Girl three: "Oh. My. Gosh." I could not stop laughing at them. After they were done with their exciting ice cream conversation, they all walked to the end cap of that aisle that housed the Brisk Ice Tea's, Monsters, Red Bulls, exedra exedra. All I heard that time was, "Oh my gosh." and "Like" every other word. Pitiful stuff. I know. Then after they were done with the cooler they headed back to the bakery/produce area. Finally, five minutes to midnight they come into my lane giggling, talking loud, using "oh my gosh" and "like" every other word. I rang up their tiny order and they were on their way.

They were all nice girls. I really enjoyed having them stopping into my store so I could Blog about them. After they walked out the store, I looked at my Service Clerk (bagger) and said, "They did all of that for cookie dough, a mini baguette, Brisk Ice Tea, and an Arizona Ice Tea? That was unreal. They sounded like they were at a slumber party." Then I immediately thought of Dee Dee and her friends. They were all just hyper.

I think I met the real life blond versions of Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee. Haa!

The image posted above is a Goolge Earth snap shot of the actual house I mentioned in this blog. So many memories.


  1. Hehe a lot of girls seem to be a little like that now. Can't remember being that crazy at that age, but I might be remembering incorrectly :P Gigglyness as a young teenage girl is probably a given haha, although we didnt say 'like' so much :D I think 'cool' was more the word back in the day!

  2. "Oh my gosh" and "Like" are still the most popular phrases around here despite the the 90s being long gone where they originated.

    I can't remember being that hyper either. But I definately had my moments...I'm hyper now :)

  3. lol "DeeDee Get out Of My Laboritory!" Classic!

  4. o yeah i really miss this show along with the other cartoon cartoons


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