Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Lobster

I woke up at 1 PM, got ready for work, ate two cupcakes I had leftover from Friday, drank some water and I was off to work my 2:30-9:00 shift in the tent. Yes the tent.

As I stated before, I work as a cashier at the grocery store. Exciting stuff. Apparently the company pitches a huge party tent every year for the Valentines overflow. The tent is stuffed with candies, flowers, latex balloons, HUGE mylar balloons, cards, chocolate covered strawberries. You name it, they had it, and I was there in the belly of it.

It was an hour into my shift and my stomach was angry. All I had on me was a bottled water. Oh. I forgot to mention it was 77 degrees out. Yeah. No big deal, right? Not in Arizona. Our 77 degrees felt like 87 degrees today. I was out there blowing up balloons with my back to the sun and I swear to you that the entire back half of my body felt like it was tanning. It didn't help that I was wearing black slacks either. My legs were baking. But, luckily for my allergies to pollen, my friend Brock switched positions for me for the day (and the day before). I worked his shift inside while he worked my shift outside. But this blog isn't about that. This blog is about the Red Lob.

I love Red Lobster! It all started when I was a toddler. My mom used to eat there all the time and I remember her feeding me leftovers. At that moment, a seafood lover was born. So when I got this text from my cousin, Mikki at 3:35, I was a little heart broken. "You workin'? We meein' at Red Lobster." Not to mention, really hungry. I really wanted to go. So I text her back, "I'm at work...working." Which I really was. That tent was packed! (This was an hour before Brock came out to cover for me.) Mikki texted me back, "Aww. Sawry". Which I'm sure she was not because I know her mind was set on grubbin' on some Red Lobster. Then I had a light bulb moment. I text my Nana. "Since y'all eatin' at my favorite restaurant without me, could you buy me a plate of seafood pasta?" It was literally hours before I heard from her. My stomach was growling at me. It was hours before I got off. I had not taken a break. What was I to do?...I was to wait until I got home to eat something because I don't wanna charge anything else to my credit card. Then finally by 7 PM, I received a text from my Nana. "I didn't eat mine. I just got your message when I got home....You can have mine."

My Nana is like a bird. She'd eat a little bit of something and she's full. Three years ago while she was on her diet kick, she'd nibble on something and she'd be full. Someone would offer her something and she'll only want "a little bit". Then she'd nibble on what we gave her and she was full. She would ask someone to fix her a plate of food, we'd give it to her, she'd eat a few bites, and she'd be full. I'm sure you get the picture. So one day I blurted out, while standing in front of her, "Don't feed the model!". My Nana not being a poor sport, laughed at me calling her a model. Tough to believe...but uh...model was her nickname for awhile. Her fullness cracks me up. Her stomach can't be that tiny. Anyhoo. So you'd never expect what I seen when I opened her leftover container....(wait for it) was a full dinner plate! There was shrimp pasta, shrimp scampi, butterflied shrimp, a cheddar biscuit, and a partially eaten backed potato. My eyes grew twice it's normal size when I opened the container. " you want me to just take out the pasta and you eat the rest?" I literally only expected to see three scraps of shrimp scatterd over the container and nothing else. I was wrong. I got the entire feast, instead! "No. You could have it. I'm not gonna eat it."
"Ok." Gitty from excitement. "Don't change your mind. Thanks for the grub."

I ate that food like I was in prison for ten years!

My Nana is a doll. Only she would spoil me like that...Oh! And my mom too. But she still lives in Michigan. I won't get that type of treatment until she moves out here in April.

G'night, folks. I need to digest.


  1. Comment box is working again :) Lucky you on the big plate of pasta! Sometimes a long annoying day can end up being pretty alright after all :) We don't have Red Lobster over here, but I wouldnt like it I think, I hate fish, even though I live by the coast. I only like it fried, or salmon, thats pretty much it :D You sure have had a lot of sucky working days judging by your posts, hope it turns around!

  2. I know. It seems as though the changes only work for new post and not previous ones. That's why I was forced to repost the last four. Bummer

    I love pasta and I love seafood, so those two together were heaven to me. I went into a food coma that night :)

    Whenever you come to the States, go to Red Lobster. They have Salmon and they also have fried fish...I think.

    I love where I work. It's the people that make it possible. But just like everyone else, I have my bad days and bad moments too.

  3. Yea I have that here too, some days everyone just seems rude and obnoxious and you just want to punch them in the face.
    And I'll definately give it a try if I ever get to the States :)

  4. Sweet! And you have to tell me about your experience

  5. Oooooh Red Lobster.
    I saw her shaking her head at the plate when the waitress brought it to her...I KNEW somebody was gonna have a good time with the left-overs, and it wasn't going to be her!
    Their lobster tails are pitiful though, they ALWAYS come out overcooked and shriveled up:(
    Mmmmm, but the biscuits and scampi make up for any/everything. (droool)now I want some

  6. I just knew I was gonna have three scranny bitten off skrimps. She suprized the heck out me!

    We need to go to Joe's


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