Monday, February 14, 2011

Ugly Day

Words cannot express how bad my day was.

I thought I would be nice and come into work four hours early to cover a sick persons shift. I cannot begin to tell you how awful those four hours were. But I'll try my best.

11 AM "It's too early for this"
There was old people literally everywhere! The daylight is their breeding time, you know. As I've stated before. We are timed on our transactions. Will you believe that every old hag and their husbands took their sweet little time to put their precious little purchase on the belt?! Scanning one by one. Aye aye aye. Thank God for my Sign on/off key. I would be in the 10th percentile if it wasn't for it.

There's a friggin' line that extends six people deep, y'all, and guess who's standing there. The elderly. Ugh! I can deal with my own grands. They're awesome like that. When it comes to other peoples grands. Uh uh. Nope. I can't tolerate them. When they're being obnoxious and slow that is.

1 PM
Me: "Hi. You find everything ok?"...."Do you have your Loyalty Card?"
Them: "Yes"...Yes"
Me: (thinking to myself) "Well can I have it?!"....Scanning and waiting. Thanks. Now my score is going to go down because you wanted to "bury" your card on the bottom of your cart.

2 PM
OMG! Enough of the asparagus already, people! Literally 98% of my orders had asparagus bunches. Green ones. White ones. Skinny ones. Fat ones. Ok. I get it. You love asparagus. There's other veggies out there! 4080. 4080. 4080. That's literally all I typed into my keyboard today. 4080. I wouldn't be surprised if I dreamt about either typing 4080 or the actual asparagus themselves.

3 PM When I was originally scheduled.
I was finally off of auto pilot and woke up. Now my natural charming personality had a chance to shine through until...
"You saved $35.07 and you've been invited to sign up for our credit card."
"Credit card? I don't need no credit card. I just paid my cards off." Yeah. Like I could possibly know that. Hence the word invited. Google it.

As I was bagging her items she says, "Did you scan this?" Duh! It's on the left side of the belt! Figure it out. "I don't wanna get stopped at the door and get the cops called on me." I fake laugh like she was so hilarious. "I'm sure it wouldn't go that far. Yes I scanned it." Then she goes off talking about her husband wanting to use their credit cards and how she doesn't want any. I butt in being "engaging" and ask "How many do you have?" The old lady looked at me and says "Husbands?" Oh come on! You know good and well what I'm talking about. I kinda scrunched one eyebrow and said "Credit cards" and smirked. Then she tells me three. My gosh. Was that so hard to say? After that little conversation my blood pressure went back up to where it has stabilized it self during my elderly. I mean. Early shift.

4 PM Yay! My fun but hungry and tired after work crowd comes in.
So I get this guy in my line. He's making conversation. We're buddy buddy. He has two items. One of which is a cucumber. He holds up the cucumber and says "This is a replacement" Like it was a new tire or something. The correct word is exchange. His tone suggested that he was in a joking around. I get those types everyday. So I took his statement as face value. I rang up his $.60 cucumber and the other item blah blah blah. He's on his way.

5 PM
Cucumber dude is standing at the foot of my lane like I killed his poodle with a sawed off shotgun. "I TOLD YOU THAT WAS A REPLACEMENT!" I was shocked that he came back with such fury. "Oh! I apologize, sir. I thought you were joking. You could go to the Service Desk and they can help you." Out of the corner of my eye I see him yelling at manager. One of the Service Clerks (baggers) heard him call me a smart ass and he told me what the guy had said. I started laughing at my Service Clerk laughing at the guy calling me a smart ass. All I did was do my job by ringing up his "replacement" and he wants to jump off the handle over $.60? So then in mid laugh I hear him "There she is laughing. She's a smart ass!" After he left I mouthed to my manager at the Service Desk "Am I in trouble?" She laughed and shook her head suggesting that I was. Oh, Lord. Here we go again. The saga of me getting in trouble over stupid stuff never ends.

After all the lines were clear I walked up to the Service Desk and asked the manager what he say. She told me that he said that he will actively "avoid" my "lane like the plague". I relied "Good!" because I was pissed. I told her exactly what happened and how his tone suggested that he was joking. What was I supposed to do? Not ring up the item and get accused of giving away free merchandise? Oh hell no. I don't understand how I was being a smart ass.

After that little pow-wow I went on my break. After I came back I was told that the assistant store manager wanted to talk to me. All this over a cucumber?! The manager told me about how he spoke to the guy over the phone and how livid he was. He also stated that he exchanged his cucumber at the Service Desk. The manager sided with me and told me that he told the guy that he's supposed to give the cashier the name of the person that's giving them the "Ok" for the exchange and how I wasn't in the wrong. But if an item is under $10 it's ok to just let it go. Then after he got done telling me what he had to tell me he let me tell my side. My voice got a little crackled because I was so upset about the issue that I almost cried.

We're hoping he doesn't go to corporate to complain. If he does, they're going to have to investigate. This is so stupid. It's a friggin' $.60 cucumber! Let it go already.

6 PM
In a bad mood but trying really really hard to be nice.

7 PM
Still not happy. I really want to go home.

7:30 PM Finally.
After clocking out I step to the Express Lane to cash my check. Everything goes smooth until this bitch asks me "What the last four of your Social Security number?"
"What! Why?"
"Because I have to put it in the register."
"No you don't."
"What's the last four of your Soc?"
"You don't need the last four of my Soc. You typed in the code wrong."
"I typed in 1 Sign on, 3, /, the check amount."
"You put it in wrong. It's 5, /."
"Oh. Well. So you want your money or not? It's not like I'm going to use your Soc for anything. Harty har har." I could have easily walked out of her line and went to another register to get my money. But instead I gave her a piece of my mind. "I didn't say you were going to use my Soc nor do I ever ask for anyone to give me theirs nor has anyone else asked me for my Soc. You put the code in wrong. It's 5, /." That shut her up.

I was on my wits in with her and with everyone else I've dealt with today. I can't believe she was acting all Alpha Male and shit. You, Anna, put in the wrong code. Point blank.

Not a good day for me. Not a good day at all.

Facebook Status 2/10/11: "Eff you. Eff you. Oh yeah. Eff you too."


  1. How did you get the stars to pop up? I can't find them under editing blog post (design tab). Anyway, funny story! It's a shame work's so hard.

  2. Oh my goodness, I missed the last bit... That is SUCH a long day! I almost cried. I couldn't do that! :) Love you so much, Amelia


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