Friday, February 4, 2011

Yahoo lies

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I ran into my ex on Y! Messenger after realizing that I didn't delete him. Well it turns out I was bamboozled!

I found this out last night while I seen a friend online that has told me repeatedly that he doesn't use Y! Messenger anymore because it slows down his computer, so it struck me as odd that he'd been signed on for hours upon hours for the past week or so. I IMed him

"You've been on Y! Messenger quiet a bit lately". Expecting some sort of reason behind his behavior, I receive a quick response, which is something he never does. Not even on Facebook. He replied

"I just took a quiz on here.. pretty cool :P" Hmm..That's odd. He doesn't use that type of language or grammar and that quiz sounds familiar. So me being suspicious, I respond.
"got a 113 lol... thought I was smarter than that :P" Just then I had a light bulb moment. This was the same conversation I had with Kent. Spam! So already knowing what the next automated response is, I responded for the hell of it.
"you should see if you can do better than me... if u can ill give you 20 dollars lol"
"try beating me...I bet you cant lol"
"take it now while i take a shower lol"
"ill be back in a few after im all fresh"
"BRB, let me know your score when im back"

This entire conversation was bogus! Every since I had that "conversation" with Kent I've been trying to figure out why he wouldn't get off the quiz topic while I was asking him questions and what-not. It never dawned on me that it was Spam because that's exactly how Kent's language and grammar is when he text/IM. So of course I fed into it. Then suddenly I felt foolish for talkin' trash about him in my blog. But just slightly. Ironically, the bogus conversation I had with "him" gave me closure that that really wasn't our last conversation. Feeling a lot better about it, I added him back to my contact list.

Yahoo lies. Guess I'll change my password to get this Spammer off my back.

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