Sunday, March 27, 2011

...Put Some Mustard on it

Its 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon and I finally decide to come out of my room from hiding.

I head to the kitchen to reheat some leftovers from Outback Steakhouse. I turned on the oven to reheat my Bloomin' Onion. While I had that going, I placed my styrofoam container in the microwave to reheat my grilled Mahi with artichoke, chives, and sun dried tomato topping and seasoned rice.

Since the moment I had a rude awakening at 10 AM (four-ish hours of sleep at that point), my Kenny and I have been texting back and forth non-stop. Mainly because I didn't get any sleep the night before because my insomnia decided to come back full force to kick my butt and I was in Zombie Mode. When I'm on the verge of no return my speech becomes unrecognizable. And froggy in my opinion.

As I was eating my meal, I go to check the Bloomin' Onion in the oven and my wrist catches the top fold of the pan I have it reheating in. That mofo was hot! I was a little pissed because I'm accident prone when it comes to the kitchen. On the flipside, I'm a kitchen pro. But despite my high culinary skill I'm always getting burnt with something. Never fails.

During all of this, Kenny and I are in a hot conversation about how we want to raise our kids Vegan and we somehow got on the topic of the United States Government. We're weird like that. Like I mentioned before, we have lots in common. We think the same. So...yeah. That was the hot topic.

After I was done eating I went to the living room to finish watching Dan in Real Life that was playing on Lifetime. It was then that I informed Kenny of my injury.

"Baby, I burned my wrist about a half hour ago. I'm in agony."

"Put some mustard on the burn. That should help."

"Mustard? That's a lie."

"Nope. It works for me."

"Its not a serious burn. I just seared the first layer of skin."

"Mustard. Trust me."

"But I eat mustard....and all we have is Honey Mustard."

"That will work. Put some on and wait a minute then tell me what you think."

"Ok. But that requires me getting up and walking to the kitchen. I'm stupid lazy right now. Zero hours of sleep created this."

"Aw! I don't like my baby feeling like this ;("

"Aw!, Kenzy. Thanks for your compassion. Your baby will be alright after several hours of sleep. I dig that face you made, by the way. Hella sexy!"

Then he went off on a tangent about another subject matter.

So, a half hour goes by and I go to the kitchen to make a snack: a sliced Granny Smith Apple with smooth Jif peanut butter. Best snack God ever invented! While I was in the kitchen "Put some mustard on it" kept repeating in my head. And as fate would have it, that's exactly what I did. The mustard felt good at first because it was so cold on my hot burn. But after awhile the mustard started to dry up and stink. The dried mustard in the crease of my wrist was getting in between me and my snack. I couldn't enjoy snacking with the faint smell of mustard lingering. Buzz kill!

Here it is six hours since the honey mustard made contact with my skin and I can still smell it. It reminds me of burning hair relaxer. Ugh!

Kenny, never again. How does it feel to know that you ruined the relationship between me and mustard? No bueno.

This simi-Shorts Moment has been brought to you by Krissy.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


You might be asking yourself why I'm up at 4 AM typing a blog. Well, the truth is that I'm an insomniac and I generally don't fall asleep until the wee hours of 3:30 AM or 6:00 AM.

Rough, right?

Not really. Being up during this time of night is relaxing for me because all the hassle and bustle has settled and it gives me a chance to focus on my writing. Well, not so much writing as it is blogging. The silence gives me even more reason to focus on the delightful composed inbox I enjoy typing for my Kenny on Facebook.


Because that's what we do. We have our daily Facebook inbox pow-wows as I mentioned in this blog.

Three years ago when I first moved to Arizona, I purchased my Flamingo Pink Dell Inspirion 1525, for one purpose. That purpose was to type my manuscript for my first novel. I found that I work better during the wee hours of the night. I was driven to become a novelist. But, as life would have it, things happened, as mentioned here, and I developed writer's block for the better part of three years. Every now and then I'd go back and read all the drifts I prepared and shake my head at the regress I made. I promised myself that I would be published one day. I just have to get married first. Marriage is my evil plan at getting back for all the time I lost. MuHAHAHAaaaaaH!

Oh...(looking around embarrassed) You're still here.

(clearing throat)

Being up this late gets lonely. There really isn't anyone to talk to. Luckily, five days a week I have my Kenny by my side to talk to. When I say 'by my side' I mean by text or telephone. We're currently in a long distance relationship. So, it's literally impossible to be physically side-by-side. We talk through out the night seeing as how he works midnights. We're on the same sleeping schedule. It all just kind of works out if you ask me. But don't ask. I just gave you the answer, remember? However, for those other two days a week, it's just me. It usually ends with me staring at the walls listening to iTunes trying to get myself to blog or pre-sleeping. Sometimes both. Pre-sleeping is a word me and my Kenny came up with to describe one who has fallen asleep before ones bedtime. Sort of a nap before going to bed. So far, I'm the pre-sleep champ of the year. Damn proud of it!

Hmm..Just Googled pre-sleep. Looks like the word already exist. However, the scientific definition differs from ours.

What was I talking about, again?...Oh! As you can tell, today is one of his off days. Otherwise, I would've been pre-sleeping, sleep, or blogged earlier.

I usually enjoy a glass or two or three of Moscato during my Blog Nights. Sorry to break it to you, but this isn't one of those nights. I chose to go with water tonight. I don't know why that is. It just sort of happened. Water sucks! My creative juices aren't buzzed.

Oh crap. I'm sleepy.

Talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back in the afternoon.

UPDATE: Facebook status 3/26/11: "Yup! I got no hours of sleep. Its official. I'm a zombie."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The irritating truth: Itchy Nipples

Disclaimer for male readers: Don't judge me. You have nipples too. The only difference is that mine have an actual function other than just being affixed to my chest. And most importantly, they have been itchy for weeks! I apologize in advance for alienating you and making you feel weird inside. Please don't leave me! 

I'm a curious person by nature. I spend a lot of time researching things that wouldn't normally appeal to the average human being like: the normal growth cycle of a hair, the stars and consolations, PBS for all my documentary needs, snooping through Google Earth to visit home whenever I'm feeling homesick and reminisce about the good old days, the origins of Alice in Wonderland, and my most recent quest, itchy nipples. I'm a closet geek. You get the idea.

Well, today my curiosity lead me to one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Google, and I opened up to him about a personal issue that I'm having the delight in experiencing for the past month or so. Well, Google being the sweetheart that he is, told his friend,, about me looking to help a good old friend out. Answers got in contact with me a short time later and we had a little pow-wow about my epidermal issues. This is how the conversation went.

Q: What can cause itchy nipples?

A: There are a number of reasons for this. Some might be:

Your period might be arriving soon. Um. No. As a matter of fact I just took care of that little problem less than 48 hours ago. But thanks for reminding me of my dreadful time of the month.

The skin is dry. Try using some moisturiser
. See. That would be a wonderful suggestion. Only I've been using Nivea Lotion; the thickest moisturiser I own, plus Vaseline. And as we all know, Vaseline cures everything. Jonhson & Johnson's baby oil with aloe vera and vitamin E is another good contender. Yet, I end up with the same result a few hours later. I even had to bring my buddy Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula into the equation and I only bring him out for rare special occasions. Its plain to see that nothing works! What else do you propose?

Pregnancy. If it is possible, take a pregnancy test. Wow! Now you're just thinking out of your ass. Are you even listening to yourself? I just told you I just got off my period. Do you really think I just ran out of here and got pregnant that quick?! Geeze! (paused to rethink the line of questioning) Come to think about it, pregnancy has nothing to do with moisturiser at all. Use your logics. 

Your breast are growing. Ha! Now you're talkin'! Bigger boobs! I bet my Kenny would love that. (shouting to the other room) 'You hear that, baby?! I'm getting bigger boobs!'. Yeah right. As if I need them any bigger.

I don't see why you call yourself Answers. You sure as hell didn't give me any.

Thanks for nothing. Back to self medicating and suffering I go.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I've been working for the grocery store for four months as of last week. It doesn't take much skill to operate a register. That's why I do the things I do. I get in, get out, and go home.

In the four months I been working there I learned how to run U-Scan in 15 minutes shortly after the Holiday Season. At that point, I was working for the company a little over a month and I mastered it. However, with my manager being the sweet little flamboyant thing that he is, he signed me up to take a U-Scan training class for today.

I arrived there five minutes late. That goes without saying. The training store was two miles further than my home store and I underestimated the time it took to drive to that location from my house. Look at you. You thought I was talkin' about BP Time. Shame on you. Anyways, when I got there I didn't know where to go for the training so I approached the manager that was bagging on a check lane.
"Excuse me. Are you the manager?"
"I'm here for a U-Scan training class. I don't know where to go. Can you tell me where the training room is?"
"Yes. It's right through that hallway and up the stairs." I didn't see any 'right through that hallway' from where I was standing and I can't read pointing fingers, so I interrupted him.
"I'm sorry. Where is the hallway?"
He pointed again. "Right over there and up the stairs."
I stopped him again. "I'm sorry. Where?"
He pointed again. "Right through there and up the stairs."
That guy obviously didn't see the point I was trying to make. How about 'Go past the plants and the hall will be immediately to your right. The stairs are at the end of the hall and the training room is the third door to the right.' I don't know where that guy learned how to give directions, but the person who taught him needs to be fired. I was about to ask him where I was supposed to clock in before I walked away, but I was too frustrated with him by that point and just said, "Forget it." as I walked away.

Needless to say, I successfully made it up the stairs. Once up there, I was lost. Dude didn't give me any type of direction whatsoever. To my right was a long hallway; to my left was the employee Mens Restroom and directly in front of me was the employee Ladies Restroom. I thought to myself, "This looks just like the training store in Mesa. If its anything like that store, then the training room is right through this door." I was wrong. I ended up wondering into the break room. But not just any break room. I wondered into a break room that had a sheet cake. But not just any sheet cake. Birthday cake! If anybody knows anything about me they know that I love me some cake. Birthday sheet cake is my favorite. I walked up to it to see what flavor it was. Chocolate/vanilla marble cake with crazy air brushed red, white, blue, and green vanilla frosting with colorful sprinkles. The cake was presliced and I already had the piece I wanted picked out in my head. That's right. The corner. I slowly but surly snapped out of my sugar fantasy and found my way to my training class without any help from Dumb Ass downstairs.

While I was sitting at the table listening to the trainer talk all I could think about was having a slice of cake. A fat thought. I know. But I loves me some cake. You just don't know.

The trainer had me and the two other employees on the computer doing some online modules. Somewhere between starting the modules and taking our break I brought up the fact that there's cake in the break room. No one acknowledged what I was saying.

Before I could complete the first module, I was nodding off like I had just took NyQuil. Its something about placing me in front of a computer and expecting me to learn. I'm a traditional learner through and through. But whatever. I was gettin' paid for doing absolutely nothing. After I finished the second module I got up from my seat and walked towards the door. The trainer stopped me.
"You're going to the restroom, right?"
I looked at him said "Yeah." and continued to walk out the door. To the restroom? No. I knew exactly where I was heading. I head straight to the break room and ate me a slice of cake like a fatty. You can't blame me though. The lid on the box clearly read 'Help yourself.' so I did. After about five minutes or so, I headed back to the training room full of energy. Immediately after entering the room the trainer told us we could take our 15 minute break. If only he had known what I had just done.

Finally, 4:30 PM. Class was over. I walked past the break room on my way to the stairs and immediately stopped myself before I placed foot on the first stair. I heard the sheet cake calling my name. I had to answer. I couldn't leave the building without it. I pulled an Aunt Matty on them and walked out with two slices.

Don't judge me. What's your vice?

Facebook Status 3/21/2011: "I am to cake what bugs are to light."

(Cartoon by Natalie Dee)

Running Late

Wednesday March 17, 2011
4:35 PM

Krissy hops in her shinny grey 2006 Nissan Altima, rush to turn the ignition, and bolts out the driveway. "Ok. So, if it's 4:35 now and I have to be at the restaurant at 5:00 then, I can make it on time if I go 80 miles per hour." Speeding down N. Lakeside Drive, Krissy is sure not to run into any parked or moving cars. Being extra careful, she darts her eyes from left to right being aware of any kids on the street. She makes it on to El Dorado Circle without any incident. Only upon her exit she sees a car driving dangerously close to her in her rear view mirror. "My bad." She says out loud, as if the people behind her could hear her apologies. She gets to the Rancho El Dorado exit and speeds to make a turn onto Maricopa Highway.

"I don't understand why this keeps happening." Krissy thought to herself. "I can't be late anymore. Its bad enough that I was late on my first training day because I thought I was supposed to be there a half hour later than I actually was supposed to be. If I'm late again, they're gonna look at me like I'm the 'late black girl' and I can't have that." Being sensitive to her own thoughts she pushes her right foot down on the gas petal going even faster. A few miles up the two lane 16 mile stretch, she runs into a problem. Day drivers. People that want to cruse and have no reguard for the people behind them. "I've been driving down this road for three years. If I don't know anything, I know how to get people out my way." She thought. First she thought she'd be patient and go with the flow. But after three minutes of the not getting anywhere 'slow' she put the matter into her own hands. Switching lanes, flashing her high beams, and tailgating always works so she threw in a combination of the three and less than five minutes later she broke from the pack giving her enough time to get on to I-10 before 4:50.

"DAMN!". Looking from the overpass, Krissy, sees a backup on the freeway. "I forgot they got the 202 and Chandler [Boulevard] closed for that HOV (high-occupancy vehicle lane) construction." Thinking of an alternate route she came up short. Looking at the clock looking back at her. 4:50 is what the clock reads. She screams in frustration. "I ain't never gonna get there in time!" Debating on if she should call to tell management she was gonna be late or just go through the motions was like being between a rock and a hard place. She decides to go through the motions. "Ray Road is just three miles away. I can get there in time." The freeway was on gridlock but something told her she'll make it. And she stopped stressing.

4:55 PM
Krissy finally made it to the light at the Ray Road exit ramp. She's three cars behind the pavement and all she can say out loud in a jokingly way is, "Go-go-go. Go-go-go. Go-go." imulating Ben Steller in Meet the Parents when he was repeating "Bomb-bomb-bomb. Bomb-bomb. Bomb-bomb." to the flight attendent to the cars ahead of her that seemed not to have any concept of time. She thought, "Yes there's a red light but you can turn! Go-go-go. Go-go. Go-go." Still being anxious she shouts out, "Come on. You could've turned five times already." to the three cars ahead of her. Three minutes pass. "OMG! Why is this light so looooooong!?" She felt like she was sitting on the exit ramp forever. "What makes this so bad." She thought, "is that I work right there! All I have to do is get on to Ray Road but these people act like they don't know how to turn!"

4:58 PM
She made it on to Ray Road. However, there's another light in her way. "Go-go-go. Go-go. Go-go" is all she kept repeating to the cars ahead of her laughing to keep her stress level down. "So close but yet so far." she whined. Then, finally, green. She sped to make a left turn and she sped to make another left. Once in the bank parking lot next to the restaurant she finally feels a slight sense of relief. Until..."Who the hell is that and why are they following me? Maybe they work for the restaurant. Wait. No they don't. They're old." Krissy rushes to get out of her car. The people in the blue vehicle role down their window. "Hi. Could you tell us how to get to Dick's Sports?" Krissy smiles and says, "Sure" to the elderly couple. But at the same time she's a little creepd out that they followed her into a vacant parking lot. She thought, "What the hell. How long have they been following me?" While telling them the directions to Dick's Sports, "You just have to get back on to the freeway" pointing to I-10 "and go up one street and it'll be there to your right." Talking to the elderly couple seemed to be taking a lifetime because they wouldn't stop asking questions. "Can't they see I'm in a state of emergency?!" All the while, she was thinking of when her cousion, Yvette, doing a internet search on 'Dicks' two years ago thinking she was doing a web search on 'Dick's Sports'. She ended up with something much more if you catch my drift. After telling the elderly couple how to get to Warner she ran like she was on the high school track team to the Take Out door. "I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!" she says to the building. "I'm here." She says to the Take Out door. She runs around the corner to clock in. "I'm here." She says to the time clock. "I'm here."

5:01 PM
Made it just in time. "Wooo! Never again."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea in China

"Marie, tell Terrell to get in here to do his homework."

There I was doing what I do best. Being "mom" to my two youngest cousins.

"Terrell! Krissy said get in here to do your homework!" Marie came running back in from the garage. "Terrell said, can he do his homework later so he can go over to his friends house to play?"
"No. Tell him I said, get. In. Here. Now." Marie ran out to the garage. Seconds later I hear the door to the garage slam. They both approach me while I stood at the kitchen island eating my salad.
"Can I stay outside and play with my friend while the sun is still up?"
"No. Do your homework now and get it over with."
"Aw! But I wanna play over my friends house." I took that little bit of information and seen it as an opportunity to mess with his head, just as I always do.
"That has nothing to do with the price of tea in China." Terrell looked at me with a puzzled look. "What!There's no T in China."
"Yes there is."
His sister and I looked at each other and laughed out loud.
"No it's not."
Marie blurted out while in laughter. "What are you talkin' about, Terrell? There is tea in China."
Still not convinced Terrell sticks to his one liner. "No it's not."
"How do you know? You've never been there. There's tea in China." All the while I'm thinking to myself, 'I've never been to China either, but I know there's tea there.' I look over my shoulder at him. "There's tea all over the world. Why wouldn't it be any tea in China?"

The kids grand dad tares himself away from Judge Judy and lets out a loud belly laugh from the living floor. He then chimes in to our ridiculous debate we were caught having with his baritone voice, "You don't believe there's tea in China?" And continued on with his loud belly laugh.

In the most annoying whining voice Terrell could conjure up, he replies, "NOOooooo." All the while all three of us are laughing because we can't believe our ears. Then in the toughest voice Terrell could dig up out of his immature throat he says to all of us, "You can't spell China with a T."

We all suddenly came to the same conclusion and laugh even harder at his eight year old mind. I respond, "Oh! T in China. No, Terrell. Tea. T-E-A. 'That has nothing to do with the price of T-E-A in China.' Do you get it now?"

Terrell looks up at me, smiles, and laughs at himself.

This Shorts Moment has been brought to you by Krissy. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Reason

This is an actual inbox I sent to Kenny last night. I wanted to post it on my blog because my own story touched me so much that I wanted to share with everyone in the world!


Now on to one of my favoirte parts of the day...

Everything happens for a reason, ya know.

Eight years ago, I was hired at Meijers a week before my high school graduation as a bagger (Service Clerk). While there I met someone named Hasani. He was my favorite cashier because we were the same age and we always had really good conversations. I bagged for him 99% of the time. We were best friends by the end of the week. Nothing could keep us apart. Except for when I had to haul carts for four hours at a time. Anyway, the time came for me to start looking for a new job during the fall because I hated the job and I needed to up my income because Meijer just wasn't cutting it for me. Finally, in December 2003, I got a break and I started working for Panera Bread on 13 1/2 & Masonic making two dollars more an hour. After I left Meijer I lost contact with him and moved on with my life forgetting all about his existence.

During the spring of 2006, Hasani and I ran into each other at the Costco gas station on 11 & Gratiot. Well, it turned out that he worked at that Costco location and I just so happened to be heading to my dad's business, Beautiful Ones Video, at Fox Studio's right up the street. I was a video editor for my dad. I used to help edit his footage every Wednesday and Thursday on my off days when I worked for Walgreens. My dad paid me big money to help him and it was also good because it gave us time to spend together. Well, during this time in my life me and my then boyfriend shared an apartment together (on Hall Rd.) and I forbid myself from hanging out with my male friend because I didn't want my then boyfriend to get the wrong ideas. Little did I know what the future held.

On my birthday (July 31), I moved out of our apartment and moved back in with my mom on 15 & Gratiot. It was then that me and Hasani started becoming really close friends again. And since I had just turned 21, we used to do things like go to the bar, movies, and out to eat to keep me company because I was going through a really bad breakup that drove me into a really deep depression and it had me dropping weight like crazy. So, I can say that he was there for me at the right time in my life. There's no tellin' what I would have done to myself. Ok. Moving on..

After a few months of living with my mom, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to 21 mile with my grands to live in a stress free environment. Though I had my basic "spending the night" rights taken from me, I sacrificed it to have shit like cable, internet, food, and a loving atmosphere. It wasn't until May of 2007, that Hasani and I done anything since moving from 15 mile a few months back. Well on this particular day we went to Dave & Busters on Hall Rd. just for fun. Nothing serious. I was buzzed (story of my life, right?) and having a good time. Then he makes the switch-a-roo on me after we left. We headed out to 23 mile and somethin', I don't even remember where, to his friends apartment. Well, let me give you a little back story on us.

We got along so well because we were both socially awkward and we thought differently than the average human being. At my young age, I didn't like hanging around with more than one person at a time and I shyed away from large groups and socialization. He understood where I was coming from and didn't pressure anything on to me because he was the same way at some point in his life. But since he matured out of his awkwardness faster than I did in that department he gained a shit load of friends. Whereas, I pushed all mine away.

Alright. Back to the story. So we arrive at his friends Matt's apartment off on 23 and somethin' and this place was packed with people! There was Michelle, Jim, and Matt horse playing in the hallway and bathroom. Amanda was parked in front of the TV playing Guitar Hero with a few others. There was a whole bunch of people in the kitchen mixing drinks and going crazy. And there I was too shy to interact with anyone. I sat on the couch next to Hasani the entire time and didn't speak to anyone. Him being the good friend that he was, bit the bullet, and stayed by my side the entire night keeping me comfortable.

A few weeks later, I went over to Hasani's apartment to hang (BKA getting shit faced) with him and his friends Jim, Matt, Robert (Justin), Luke, Anthony, Amanda, Michelle and a few others that I didn't have a chance bond with before moving to AZ. It was during those months that I became good friends with everyone including Amanda and Michelle. After moving out of state in early 2008, I stayed in contact with all of them via MySpace (when it was cool to be on there) and Facebook which brings us to present day 2011.

Three years after leaving all my friends behind and and making a silly comment "Meijers love you" on a status brought you to me because you knew Amanda from work. A place where I met Hasani, who became friends with Amanda (after I quit), who became friends with me, who became friends with you! Now you're my boo :):)

Like I said before. Everything happens for a reason. I wanted to tell you this story because for one, it's part of my past, and two, I want you to know who my friends are. They bombard my statuses. I'm sure you notice these things. Now you have a better since of who they are and who I am.

Oh, baby baby baby baby. I love you so much! From 2,000 miles away, you've been so good to me.

Hugs and chocolate kisses,
from your oasis in the desert

-Krissy ♥

A Love Story...

Out of the 3 billions of woman in the world he had to pick me. Some days it boggles my mind. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

February 20th, I received a Friend Request on Facebook from a Kenny F. I said out loud to my phone, "Who the hell is Kenny F.?!" (Facebook Mobile). My first instinct was to ignore his request, but something told me to see what this guy was all about, so I inboxed him.

"Hi, Kenny. I see you sent me a friend request. Do I know you?"
"I don't know you, but I thought your profile picture was cute so I added you."

My first thought was, "How shallow. He only wants to add me because I'm cute. Go figure." I didn't reply to him immediately allowing myself to sleep on what he said. The next morning I went and looked through his profile since he didn't have it set on Privet. I saw a lot of things I liked and I noticed we had a friend in common. So, I went ahead and replied to his inbox.

"I looked at your pics and I think you're cute too. I like your little gap :)" The only reason I noticed his gap was because I grew up with one and I've been 'brace face' for the past two years.
"Oh really, baby? Well, to see my cute 'little gap' you gotta make me smile. Are you single?"
"Yes I am and proud of it. But, I live in AZ."

Kenny lives in my home state of Michigan and he works at a grocery store I once worked for eight years ago. However, he knows one of my close friends because he works with her. I didn't think anything of our conversation because I already had it set in my mind that we're 'just talking'. I talk to dudes all the time. I didn't think this time would be any different.

"Aw! All the cute girls live out of town. Do you ever come to MI? And how old are you, Sweetie?" My first thought was 'I'm gonna have fun with him' because no one can ever guess my age correctly.
"I'll give you the skinny. I was born and raised in MI. I moved to AZ three years ago and I haven't been back home since. Don't get me wrong. I been trying to come back to visit, but things keep coming up. How old do I look?" I most certainly wasn't gonna give him a freebee. I wanted to test him first.
"22 or 23. How is AZ anyway? I was thinking bout moving there too. Oh! And I don't blame you for not coming back. I wouldn't either except to visit family." By this point in our conversation I was starting to like him. I thought he was pretty cool.
Just as I thought, he guessed my age wrong."That's funny. Everybody always think I'm younger than what I really am. That's why I asked you to see that you thought. I'm 25...AZ is amazing! But it's not home. What's stopping you from making the move?"
"I'll give you the skinny now. I just recently got my AAS Degree in heating and cooling and I was told that AZ was where all the work in my field is. So, I do need to visit to find a job first."

After I first read that he was thinking of moving here I was instantly drawn to his every word and I wanted to know more about him. I felt at that moment that it was meant for us to be together because I've never known anyone to just decided to move to Arizona from my old stomping grounds. Yes, I know we were 'just talking' but I always take it step further in my head to see how a person would fit in my life. At that moment he had all that I was searching for and he fit perfectly.

"Haa haa! Don't be using my words. My managers youngest son is in heating and cooling. She told me that he has his Associates Degree and he also went to practically all the trade schools to get all these different types of certificates. He's in his 30s, but that's besides the point. She also told me that he makes six figures a year and he travels all over the U.S for jobs because companies keep calling him. She also told me that she owns a house in Hawaii and he owns a house on some other island too. I forget which one. That's not a bad field to work in. And it gets hella hot out here in the summer. Just a little disclaimer." I felt that I was being too wordy but I didn't care. I was really enjoying talking to him and I figure since I knew a little bit about a little bit I wanted to impress him by throwing in my two cents.
"Yeah everybody tells me that's where all the work is and yo sexy lil ass is there too. I might becoming to the desert after all..."
"...You seem like a cool dude. I'll add you....And I see you work for Meijer. I used to work there too (13 & Little Mack). We already have lots in common :)"
"Yeah I been working there for five years now. When did you work here? I might remember you." The first thought that ran through my head was 'Doubt it'.
"I worked there in '03. I'm friends with Amanda through another friend that used to work there."

By this time I searched through his albums a few times and the attraction was turned on high.

"Yes you are cute girl. I like your skin tone and your smile... I have two boys ages eight and three. Do you have any kids?" I never really like dudes with kids. But looking at my age group and finding the odds between finding a cool dude without kids verses a cool dude with kids is real slim. I figure I'd be lenient on him. I didn't really have a choice. Besides. We were 'just talking', right?
"Thanks :) No. I don't have any kids. Its just me."
After that conversation ended we gave it a rest for a few hours. For some reason or another, talking to him had me on cloud 9.

"Hey, Cutie."
"Hey, Handsome."
"You see anything you like in my pics?" It took me awhile to reply to his question because there wasn't a single picture I didn't like. 
"Sure did. I like the photos of you in a suit, I like the photos of you in your red Meijer polo, I like the photos of you smiling, I like the photos of you frowning, I like the photos of you in your graduation gown, and I like the artsy fartsy side of you with the landscape photos of the sun and Florida. The posters were impressive. And your boys are just as cute as their dad. I hope that answers your question."
"Yeah that did. It made me blush too." After I read his reply I blushed.
"Then my job is done :) I thought you had to work." I had to throw that little last bit in because I really didn't want to stop talking to him.
"I am. I figured out how not to do work. Lol!"
"Lol! Its that bad, huh? Don't get caught."

And that concludes the end of our first conversation. At first I didn't want anything to do with him because I didn't know him from a can of paint and add that to the fact that he's over 2,000 miles away kinda took the thrill out of meeting someone new, but at the same time the distance added a lot more desire to get to know him. I have to admit that I was instantly hooked.

Seven  days after having our first Facebook converstion, Kenny claimed me as his girl and we became a couple. Although, I secretly didn't want to go through another long distance relationship again. But I figure since he was intending on moving here in the first place there wasn't much harm in it. To top it off, he's visiting in May. So, I saw it as a win win situation.

Since having our first conversation, we naturally gravitated to speaking everyday with the exception of missing one day. In the midst of it all, we developed a habit of writing one another an inbox on a daily basis. The inbox is all freestyle. We have our little game where we list a whole bunch of random things about who we are. We found out we have a lot in common by playing this game he created. It killed the run of the mill "asking questions and waiting to figure out who the other person is" conversation. I was dreading that conversation anyways. We write love letters. Tell stories. List random thoughts. Whatever it is we have on our hearts at the moment we type it up and send it. We're both writers, so having our daily inbox pow-wows are a lot of fun. 

My duty is to inbox him before I go to bed because he works midnights and it gives him something to look forward to in the morning after he gets off. And his duty is to return the message by writing me while I'm sleep so I'd have something to read after I wake up. The only days we don't write is during our off days.

We Skyped for the first time last week. We was on there for three hours straight not talking about anything. We were just mesmerized by each other. It was too cute. The best part was when I was making him laugh and watching his different facial expressions.

What sets Kenny and I relationship apart from all the others I've had is that we're 100% compatible. We're genuinely attracted to one another, we have just about everything in common, and we're on the same level about everything. That's all there is to it.

I can see myself loving him a long time. He brings so much joy to my life from so far away.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I miss you, Blogger!

Look. I know its been awhile since I graced your electrical pages with textured adjectives. But it comes a time in a humans life when they have to move on to do human things like: thinking of reformatting a Blog, meeting the love of their life, studying for a State exam, and working a second job.

The times we shared together were great. I can't deny that. As a matter of fact, its something I will never forget. I will treasure it always. 

Blogger, you have to understand that I do still love you. I always will. And though I don't have as much time for you as I once did in the past, just know that I'll always be back for you. It may not be everyday. But, regardless of when, just trust that I'll be back for you.


Krissy ♥