Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Reason

This is an actual inbox I sent to Kenny last night. I wanted to post it on my blog because my own story touched me so much that I wanted to share with everyone in the world!


Now on to one of my favoirte parts of the day...

Everything happens for a reason, ya know.

Eight years ago, I was hired at Meijers a week before my high school graduation as a bagger (Service Clerk). While there I met someone named Hasani. He was my favorite cashier because we were the same age and we always had really good conversations. I bagged for him 99% of the time. We were best friends by the end of the week. Nothing could keep us apart. Except for when I had to haul carts for four hours at a time. Anyway, the time came for me to start looking for a new job during the fall because I hated the job and I needed to up my income because Meijer just wasn't cutting it for me. Finally, in December 2003, I got a break and I started working for Panera Bread on 13 1/2 & Masonic making two dollars more an hour. After I left Meijer I lost contact with him and moved on with my life forgetting all about his existence.

During the spring of 2006, Hasani and I ran into each other at the Costco gas station on 11 & Gratiot. Well, it turned out that he worked at that Costco location and I just so happened to be heading to my dad's business, Beautiful Ones Video, at Fox Studio's right up the street. I was a video editor for my dad. I used to help edit his footage every Wednesday and Thursday on my off days when I worked for Walgreens. My dad paid me big money to help him and it was also good because it gave us time to spend together. Well, during this time in my life me and my then boyfriend shared an apartment together (on Hall Rd.) and I forbid myself from hanging out with my male friend because I didn't want my then boyfriend to get the wrong ideas. Little did I know what the future held.

On my birthday (July 31), I moved out of our apartment and moved back in with my mom on 15 & Gratiot. It was then that me and Hasani started becoming really close friends again. And since I had just turned 21, we used to do things like go to the bar, movies, and out to eat to keep me company because I was going through a really bad breakup that drove me into a really deep depression and it had me dropping weight like crazy. So, I can say that he was there for me at the right time in my life. There's no tellin' what I would have done to myself. Ok. Moving on..

After a few months of living with my mom, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to 21 mile with my grands to live in a stress free environment. Though I had my basic "spending the night" rights taken from me, I sacrificed it to have shit like cable, internet, food, and a loving atmosphere. It wasn't until May of 2007, that Hasani and I done anything since moving from 15 mile a few months back. Well on this particular day we went to Dave & Busters on Hall Rd. just for fun. Nothing serious. I was buzzed (story of my life, right?) and having a good time. Then he makes the switch-a-roo on me after we left. We headed out to 23 mile and somethin', I don't even remember where, to his friends apartment. Well, let me give you a little back story on us.

We got along so well because we were both socially awkward and we thought differently than the average human being. At my young age, I didn't like hanging around with more than one person at a time and I shyed away from large groups and socialization. He understood where I was coming from and didn't pressure anything on to me because he was the same way at some point in his life. But since he matured out of his awkwardness faster than I did in that department he gained a shit load of friends. Whereas, I pushed all mine away.

Alright. Back to the story. So we arrive at his friends Matt's apartment off on 23 and somethin' and this place was packed with people! There was Michelle, Jim, and Matt horse playing in the hallway and bathroom. Amanda was parked in front of the TV playing Guitar Hero with a few others. There was a whole bunch of people in the kitchen mixing drinks and going crazy. And there I was too shy to interact with anyone. I sat on the couch next to Hasani the entire time and didn't speak to anyone. Him being the good friend that he was, bit the bullet, and stayed by my side the entire night keeping me comfortable.

A few weeks later, I went over to Hasani's apartment to hang (BKA getting shit faced) with him and his friends Jim, Matt, Robert (Justin), Luke, Anthony, Amanda, Michelle and a few others that I didn't have a chance bond with before moving to AZ. It was during those months that I became good friends with everyone including Amanda and Michelle. After moving out of state in early 2008, I stayed in contact with all of them via MySpace (when it was cool to be on there) and Facebook which brings us to present day 2011.

Three years after leaving all my friends behind and and making a silly comment "Meijers love you" on a status brought you to me because you knew Amanda from work. A place where I met Hasani, who became friends with Amanda (after I quit), who became friends with me, who became friends with you! Now you're my boo :):)

Like I said before. Everything happens for a reason. I wanted to tell you this story because for one, it's part of my past, and two, I want you to know who my friends are. They bombard my statuses. I'm sure you notice these things. Now you have a better since of who they are and who I am.

Oh, baby baby baby baby. I love you so much! From 2,000 miles away, you've been so good to me.

Hugs and chocolate kisses,
from your oasis in the desert

-Krissy ♥

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