Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Love Story...

Out of the 3 billions of woman in the world he had to pick me. Some days it boggles my mind. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

February 20th, I received a Friend Request on Facebook from a Kenny F. I said out loud to my phone, "Who the hell is Kenny F.?!" (Facebook Mobile). My first instinct was to ignore his request, but something told me to see what this guy was all about, so I inboxed him.

"Hi, Kenny. I see you sent me a friend request. Do I know you?"
"I don't know you, but I thought your profile picture was cute so I added you."

My first thought was, "How shallow. He only wants to add me because I'm cute. Go figure." I didn't reply to him immediately allowing myself to sleep on what he said. The next morning I went and looked through his profile since he didn't have it set on Privet. I saw a lot of things I liked and I noticed we had a friend in common. So, I went ahead and replied to his inbox.

"I looked at your pics and I think you're cute too. I like your little gap :)" The only reason I noticed his gap was because I grew up with one and I've been 'brace face' for the past two years.
"Oh really, baby? Well, to see my cute 'little gap' you gotta make me smile. Are you single?"
"Yes I am and proud of it. But, I live in AZ."

Kenny lives in my home state of Michigan and he works at a grocery store I once worked for eight years ago. However, he knows one of my close friends because he works with her. I didn't think anything of our conversation because I already had it set in my mind that we're 'just talking'. I talk to dudes all the time. I didn't think this time would be any different.

"Aw! All the cute girls live out of town. Do you ever come to MI? And how old are you, Sweetie?" My first thought was 'I'm gonna have fun with him' because no one can ever guess my age correctly.
"I'll give you the skinny. I was born and raised in MI. I moved to AZ three years ago and I haven't been back home since. Don't get me wrong. I been trying to come back to visit, but things keep coming up. How old do I look?" I most certainly wasn't gonna give him a freebee. I wanted to test him first.
"22 or 23. How is AZ anyway? I was thinking bout moving there too. Oh! And I don't blame you for not coming back. I wouldn't either except to visit family." By this point in our conversation I was starting to like him. I thought he was pretty cool.
Just as I thought, he guessed my age wrong."That's funny. Everybody always think I'm younger than what I really am. That's why I asked you to see that you thought. I'm 25...AZ is amazing! But it's not home. What's stopping you from making the move?"
"I'll give you the skinny now. I just recently got my AAS Degree in heating and cooling and I was told that AZ was where all the work in my field is. So, I do need to visit to find a job first."

After I first read that he was thinking of moving here I was instantly drawn to his every word and I wanted to know more about him. I felt at that moment that it was meant for us to be together because I've never known anyone to just decided to move to Arizona from my old stomping grounds. Yes, I know we were 'just talking' but I always take it step further in my head to see how a person would fit in my life. At that moment he had all that I was searching for and he fit perfectly.

"Haa haa! Don't be using my words. My managers youngest son is in heating and cooling. She told me that he has his Associates Degree and he also went to practically all the trade schools to get all these different types of certificates. He's in his 30s, but that's besides the point. She also told me that he makes six figures a year and he travels all over the U.S for jobs because companies keep calling him. She also told me that she owns a house in Hawaii and he owns a house on some other island too. I forget which one. That's not a bad field to work in. And it gets hella hot out here in the summer. Just a little disclaimer." I felt that I was being too wordy but I didn't care. I was really enjoying talking to him and I figure since I knew a little bit about a little bit I wanted to impress him by throwing in my two cents.
"Yeah everybody tells me that's where all the work is and yo sexy lil ass is there too. I might becoming to the desert after all..."
"...You seem like a cool dude. I'll add you....And I see you work for Meijer. I used to work there too (13 & Little Mack). We already have lots in common :)"
"Yeah I been working there for five years now. When did you work here? I might remember you." The first thought that ran through my head was 'Doubt it'.
"I worked there in '03. I'm friends with Amanda through another friend that used to work there."

By this time I searched through his albums a few times and the attraction was turned on high.

"Yes you are cute girl. I like your skin tone and your smile... I have two boys ages eight and three. Do you have any kids?" I never really like dudes with kids. But looking at my age group and finding the odds between finding a cool dude without kids verses a cool dude with kids is real slim. I figure I'd be lenient on him. I didn't really have a choice. Besides. We were 'just talking', right?
"Thanks :) No. I don't have any kids. Its just me."
After that conversation ended we gave it a rest for a few hours. For some reason or another, talking to him had me on cloud 9.

"Hey, Cutie."
"Hey, Handsome."
"You see anything you like in my pics?" It took me awhile to reply to his question because there wasn't a single picture I didn't like. 
"Sure did. I like the photos of you in a suit, I like the photos of you in your red Meijer polo, I like the photos of you smiling, I like the photos of you frowning, I like the photos of you in your graduation gown, and I like the artsy fartsy side of you with the landscape photos of the sun and Florida. The posters were impressive. And your boys are just as cute as their dad. I hope that answers your question."
"Yeah that did. It made me blush too." After I read his reply I blushed.
"Then my job is done :) I thought you had to work." I had to throw that little last bit in because I really didn't want to stop talking to him.
"I am. I figured out how not to do work. Lol!"
"Lol! Its that bad, huh? Don't get caught."

And that concludes the end of our first conversation. At first I didn't want anything to do with him because I didn't know him from a can of paint and add that to the fact that he's over 2,000 miles away kinda took the thrill out of meeting someone new, but at the same time the distance added a lot more desire to get to know him. I have to admit that I was instantly hooked.

Seven  days after having our first Facebook converstion, Kenny claimed me as his girl and we became a couple. Although, I secretly didn't want to go through another long distance relationship again. But I figure since he was intending on moving here in the first place there wasn't much harm in it. To top it off, he's visiting in May. So, I saw it as a win win situation.

Since having our first conversation, we naturally gravitated to speaking everyday with the exception of missing one day. In the midst of it all, we developed a habit of writing one another an inbox on a daily basis. The inbox is all freestyle. We have our little game where we list a whole bunch of random things about who we are. We found out we have a lot in common by playing this game he created. It killed the run of the mill "asking questions and waiting to figure out who the other person is" conversation. I was dreading that conversation anyways. We write love letters. Tell stories. List random thoughts. Whatever it is we have on our hearts at the moment we type it up and send it. We're both writers, so having our daily inbox pow-wows are a lot of fun. 

My duty is to inbox him before I go to bed because he works midnights and it gives him something to look forward to in the morning after he gets off. And his duty is to return the message by writing me while I'm sleep so I'd have something to read after I wake up. The only days we don't write is during our off days.

We Skyped for the first time last week. We was on there for three hours straight not talking about anything. We were just mesmerized by each other. It was too cute. The best part was when I was making him laugh and watching his different facial expressions.

What sets Kenny and I relationship apart from all the others I've had is that we're 100% compatible. We're genuinely attracted to one another, we have just about everything in common, and we're on the same level about everything. That's all there is to it.

I can see myself loving him a long time. He brings so much joy to my life from so far away.


  1. Mr. Freeman told me to tell you he loves you so!!!!!

  2. You still with Mr. Ken? Looks like you're sole mates! Good luck w/ further relationships!

    Love, Amelia

  3. Yup! Kenny ain't goin' nowhere..

    Thanks, Amelia


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