Saturday, May 7, 2011

10 Ways to Increase your Chances of a Bad Day

1) Waking up only to discover that your alarm didn't wake you up but your intuition did.

2) Your hair decided it wants to be an independent diva, therefore, resulting in a bad hair day.

3) Having to unroll your socks that keep falling into your shoe.

4) Undies with a weak elastic that you knew you should've thrown away that time before but forgot.

5) Having to ask yourself "Did I put on deodorant?" only to find  that no you did not.

6) Running behind and can't make it to the gas station in time.

7) Tire blow out on the freeway and there isn't a cop that cares enough to stop and help you out.

8) Not enough juice in you cell battery? Ok. How about it dies right as you're stranded on the freeway.

9) You get a call from a long distant relative asking you to buy a minute card for their phone only to find that you accidentally brought the wrong brand, blew $25 because the store doesn't give refunds on card purchases, and now have to buy the one they asked you for.

10) Come home trying to get cozy with your computer only to discover your network doing its own thing and doesn't want to connect to the internet.

If these tips didn't work, then I've failed you as a blogger.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello. My Name is...

Drawing by Natalie Dee

As you may know by now--Ah! Who am I kidding? You don't know. Here's the skinny: I've been working at the new restaurant for two months now. Alright. Let's start over. As you may know by now, I've been working for the new restaurant for two months now and as embarrassing as it is, I do not remember everyones name. Only a select few. Outside of that, I'm all, "Hey! Can I borrow you for a hot second?" And while peeping on the terminal while they're putting in their orders, I'd read the name displayed and then refer to them by it. I crack myself up.

This one time about a month ago after I'd completed my side work to get signed out, I shouted out to everyone in the kitchen, "Who's John?!" Everyone looked at me and one or two of them shouted back, "He's the tall white guy with short hair." I took a pause, looked around, and replied, "You JUST described every male working here!"

I say its the company's fault for not degrading us by forcing us to wear name tags. I'm a visual person. If I see the name on the shirt, then I can correctly identify who's who. Instead, we're being treated with respect by the company and I have to learn who everyone is the hard way. Even if it is me saying, "Umm..What's your name again?" I'll still forget it two seconds later.

What makes this issue even worse is that the company has a site for us all to go to exchange work related emails and to view our schedule. On that site, our phone numbers and email addresses are listed (by choice). Every now and then I'd get a text asking me to pick up a shift. 98% of the time, I really don't know who I'm talking to. But I put up a facade and act like I do. They all buy it.

In the end, I fail. I need to learn who these people are!

In the words of my Kenny, Geez oh Petes!