Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slip & Slide (The box, my enemy)

"I bet you after I jump on this box, I'll slip and fall on the floor." If I had only chosen my words more carefully...

Anthony and I were at the front check lanes restocking the plastic grocery bags on the bag racks and in the cubbies for the next day business day. After my cardboard box was empty I left it at the check lane to break down later and moved on to the next check lane to restock the rest. On the other hand, after Anthony was done with his first box he placed his empty box on the floor with the open end on the floor which then had the closed taped end facing the ceiling. No soon after he had placed the box on the floor he took his left foot and stomped it. The box was slightly crushed on one end making Anthony appear a tad weak. Not being able to keep my comment to myself I blurted out "Is that the best you can do?" Anthony looked at me and replied "It works all the time. I don't know why it didn't--". Tuning him out I had a light bulb moment because I'm competitive and I have to out do everyone. I walked back to the previous check lane to grab the cardboard box I so proudly abandoned and said, "Hey. I bet you after I jump on this box I'll slip and fall on the floor. And while I'm on the floor I'm gonna laugh at myself." Being stupid and trying to be funny. We both chuckled at my statement as I placed the box on the floor not thinking of what would really happen. I took two giant steps back, one huge leap forward, and WHAM! On the floor I went. Both feet successfully planted through the defenseless box. Mission accomplished. While in mid air I remember feeling the box and I slide an inch or two across the shiny title. Right after that I can clearly remember falling directly to the floor. My manager, Josh, was on the phone at the Service Desk counting down a drawer about ten feet away from us and looking right in our direction. He laughs and blurts out "Oh my gosh. I can't believe. I just seen that. Hardy har har." Anthony was laughing his butt off while I was on the floor trying to hide my shame but keeping good spirits doing just as I said I was going to do just a short few seconds ago. I fell on the floor and I was laughing at myself. Looking over in my managers direction I shout out while laughing "I told him I was gonna fall. I told him". After being helped up off the floor by Anthony I couldn't keep my hands off my butt. It was stinging as if I was stung by bees.

During my moment of stupidity a customer walked through my check lane to be checked out. He saw what had happened and asked me if I was doing ok. I told him yes. But secretly I was screaming out in pain. My manager came over to see how I was doing and I told him the same. A few moments later while helping a new guest who was ignorant to what had just taken place, I took a look past them to see how far Anthony has gotten with restocking the plastic grocery bags and I swear to goodness I seen him down on check lane seven trying to hide his laughter at my stupidity.

Boxes behave when there isn't a human trying to smash through them.

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