Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thanks for wasting my time

I went out today in hopes of finding a job. Well, things didn't go as I planned. The first place I went to was Famous Dave's. I filled out the app, after I was done I gave my app to the hostess who then passed it off to the manager. Five minutes later I'm told that the manager is busy and that she'll call me whatever whatever. Alright. On to restaurant number two.

I drove around the corner to Chilli's. I filled out the app, after I was done I waited at the hostess stand where no one was. The bartender noticed me standing there and took the liberty in passing my app off to the manager. So I waited...and waited...and waited until finally the manager decides to grace me with her presents. One word: Ditz. She didn't come back out with my application looking it over telling me that everything looked good or asked me any questions. She just stood there. Looking at me. With no expression on her stupid face. So I opened my mouth and started talking about how I just filled out an app and how I was wondering if there were any positions open. She must've been new because she was way too clueless.

Thanks for wasting my time, ladies.

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