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Gentalman (original post date January 26, 2008)

Let's go back to a simpler time. Let's go back to a time where I was three years younger and I was in the process of moving from Michigan to Arizona. Let's go back to a time when I met him...

January 26, 2008

Yesterday I finally went on my date with Kimani (pronounced Key-mon-knee). I put the emphases on finally because I had been anticipating Friday since Sunday January 20th. I literally did not feel that the day could came fast enough. I had the time of my life. I wish I could relive Friday a few more times because that day is now gone. All I have left is to look forward to seeing him again next Friday February 1st.

Kimani drove all the way out here to Macomb Township from the West side of Detroit. When he got here I was excited because this was our first time meeting. We have been talking every since last Tuesday January 15th. I am not ashamed to say it. We met through Myspace.

When he arrived I quickly ran down the stairs in excitement to open the front door for him. Kimani approached the porch looking at me. I smiled and said, "Hi" He smiled back and replied "It's nice to finally meet you." I couldn't think of anything else to do so I kept smiling and said "You too." I invited him and shut the door behind him. Nana walked in from the laundry room. She introduced herself as Mary and her husband Sylvester, then followed and had done the same. Once everyone was happily introduced Mary offered Kimani a seat in the family room. I was excited that he was finally here but I was ready to bounce!

Kimani sat for a few minutes to converse with Mary and Sylvester while I ran upstairs to grab my purse. I walked back in the family room and sat for a few seconds. To lighten the mood I said "Can we go now?" and Kimani replied, "Yea. I'm ready when you are." and I said "Let's go." We got up we walked through the kitchen and I remembered that I forgot my keys. I walked ahead of him and ran back upstairs into my bedroom, grabbed my keys out of my winter coat, and closed my door behind me. Over the railing of upstairs I could see Kimani looking up at me from the bottom of the stairwell. I looked back. We stared at each other while I was walking down the stairs. Once I got to the last step he approached me and said "You look nice." I smiled at him and replied "Thank you." Kimani opened the front door for me. We said good bye to everyone and we were out the door.

Once out in the cold dead of winter we headed to his SUV. I could hear his foot steps behind me so I looked back and there he was ready to open my car door for me. I said "Wow! I'm not used to getting this treatment." (I am sorry audience but I forgot what he said back to me.) After my door was opened I sat in my seat. I then proceeded to lean over. I returned the favor by opening his door too. Since he was being a gentleman I figured I could be a lady. We were in and everything was good.             

About a half hour or so later we arrived in Royal Oak. Kimani wanted to "Devirginize" me and took me to his favorite Sushi joint. This place was something out of a movie. I am used to seeing sushi joints on television quiet and quaint, but here the atmosphere was completely opposite. The mood of the lighting was intimate. There were tube lights lining the tops and bottoms of the entire architectural structure. The tube lights made the restaurant glow in romance. The music was modest. Not too loud that we couldn't hear each other. There were sophisticated people wall to wall. And best of all there was a bar in the back! Kimani brought us both drinks. So far, I was impressed.

Shortly after getting our drink on we sat at our table. I had never been to a sushi restaurant before so Kimani ordered for us. While we waited for our food we were gazed into each other’s eyes and chit chatted until the food arrived. I felt completely comfortable dinning with him because we shared one physical feature. We both have gaps. I think his is cuter but he told me mine was. It's a gap thing. You wouldn't understand . Another thing that we both do is speak "Properly". I hate to admit this but speaking proper in the black community is frowned upon. We are either viewed as uppity, too educated, or sell outs. In my case I was none of the above. Speaking proper was always in me. With him I felt that I could be myself and I did. 

Once our food arrived, Kimani placed one of each of the sushi rolls on my plate. There was a California roll, Spicy California roll, and a Salmon roll. He then placed some wasabi sauce on my plate and filled the small china bowl that was on the right of me with soy sauce for dipping. After struggling to use the chop sticks, I was finally confident enough to try to pick the sushi up for dipping. Once I had dipped my California roll I hesitated to eat it but not for long. I said "Fuck it" and went for it. Much to my surprised the California roll was very delicious. I hurried up and popped the other two in my mouth all while trying not to look like a hungry horse. I love to eat and once I start I do not stop until I'm full.

Kimani fed me one of his California rolls and Salomon roll. He also took the liberty of taking a Salmon roll off my plate and that to me as well. I didn't really care for the Salomon roll. I think he caught wind of that and was trying to force feed it to me. I really didn't care. I was enjoying myself.  His actions were somewhat unexpected. I let go of my inhibitions and went for it. I like his gentle but manly ways. As I could tell he liked feeding me. I egged him on by being a flirty tease. I felt no insecurities on my part. I just kept eating until everything was gone and I was full! After the sushi fest the waitress came over and offered us desert. Kimani looked at me and I agreed that we should have some and we did. Kimani ordered Green Tea ice cream. There was a trial of red chipotle powder in the form of a single line on top of the scoop of ice cream. I was scared to eat it because it looked weird but I went for it. I am not the type to turn food down. Much to my surprise the Green Tea ice cream was delicious. The Ice cream has a required taste. It took me three scoops to get used to the peculiar flavor and I finished it all without any problems. Kimani had to stop eating the ice cream half way through since he unknowingly placed chipotle powder on his lip and slightly burned his self. I don't know about him but that was funny to me. 

After dinner we left. Kimani opened my car door and I proceeded to do the same for him. We were supposed to go see National Treasures: Book of Secrets but sadly enough every theatre in town was no longer showing the movie. We headed to his place so he could grab something but we got lazy and we ended up staying in the rest of the evening.   

Fast-forward to 3 AM and I am home. Just like a gentlemen, Kimani walked me to my door. And of course we sealed the night with a last kiss. I woke up the next morning staring at the walls fantasizing of the night before. I was finally at peace but at the sometime I didn't want the night to end. 

...I cannot wait to see him again...

Despite our relationship not being able to last (due to us being long distance) that didn't stop our friendship from carrying on. I love you, Kemi :) 

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