Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Job Search

Alright, so I get to experience the pleasure that is looking for a new job tomorrow. Well, I'm actually looking for a second job. I currently work as a grocery store cashier. My one job is not enough because of the rules of seniority and my ranking in the system. Since I was the last to get hired in I have the joys of working whatsoever shift that's left over. I also have to personally thank Select-A-Schedule too. With my lowest ranking on the totem pole, I'm the only one that's not allowed to select my own schedule, until of course someone else is hired to replace my ranking. Ugh! I hate seniority. It's gets on my nerve. Why can't they just divide up the hours evenly so scheduling would be fair for everyone?

Ok, back to the job search. I'm not looking for just any run of the mill retail job where I'm stuck behind a counter doing nothing but staring at people all day and being bored. I'm going for something with more responsibility. Something with pizazz. Something with alcohol. Something with tips. Something like waitressing...again. But I'll get into that story on a later date.

Honestly, people. I love the hospitable side of the biz. What I can't stand are the types that demand entitlement, have a chip on their shoulder, and the ones that don't tip when good service is being provided. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad. No one or nothing is perfect.

I'm going to say about..hmm...a month ago, I had an interview for Red Lobster. I had to go to work right after the interview so it was no time for me to stay and take the personality test. I then told the manager that I'd call him the next day to set up something. He said, "Ok." or whatever I think he said and I left and went off to work. I called the next day as promised. The other manager that was on duty took his call and told me that he was busy and I gave her my number for him to call me back. The douche never did. A few weeks go by and now I finally have the chance to go up there to take the test. I spoke to him today (or yesterday...technically) and he told me that he went in a different direction and hired his quota. I thought to myself "Whatever". And then he tells me to come back in a month because he doesn't feel that some of his new hires are going to last. Alright, Patrick. Fair enough. But he best believe I'll be up there in a few weeks only if something better doesn't come along.

I've been eyeballing Outback Steak House, Chilli's, and Red Robins for awhile. Hopefully one third of them will hire me...and hire me quick at that!

Later, Bloggers :)

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