Thursday, January 27, 2011

She's Just Not That Into You

I don't understand why it's so hard for people in relationships to take off their rose colored glasses and see what's right in front of them. If that person isn't calling like they're supposed to or isn't putting in the effort like they used to or is showing little to no interest in the relationship, then guess what? That person isn't that into you. Move on!

I've been talking to a friend of mine for the past two hours about his love life. We'll call this friend James. Well, James has been talking to the girl he's been with since last October, while he was in a relationship with a different girl, I might add. James and that other girl called it quits in early December and he started his new relationship with the the other girl in late December and for the past few weeks they've been going through the typical male bullshit like: she's not calling/texting him or even bothering to retun his calls/text, she's showing little to no interest in him, she's not making time for him but she is for her friends blah blah blah. But yet he wants to give her another chance. OMG! Are you retarded?! He told me that if she doesn't make contact with him by tonight then he's breaking up with her. But if she does he's gonna have a little talk with her so they can work things out. I really don't see the point, James. She's just gonna keep effing you over.

Me being the good friend that I am I told him a little story. I say "I was once in a long distance relationship with someone and all he wanted to do was call and text me like I had nothing else better to do. He got on my nerves so much that I started ignoring him. We broke up after 3 1/2 months. But still. He was annoying. Is that how you are to her?" He replies "But see I am like that in a way. If I text and I don't get an answer within a reasonable time frame, like if it takes her 3-4 hours and she ain't doing nothing, I'll text again. If I don't call or text for 24 hours she sure as hell ain't trying" I say, "Stop! Just stop. Don't contact her. Give her time to come to you. Give her time to miss you. I don't care how grueling it is for you. Just keep yourself busy." I didn't want to take sides. I was just being nosy. And I wanted to see where the issue were.

Issue #1: He's being a bug-a-boo.
Issue #2: She doesn't give a damn.
Issue #3: He can't see that she doesn't want to be with him.
Issue #4: She doesn't trust him.
Issue #5: He needs to stop wasting his time on her and move on.
Issue #6: She need to stop wasting her time on him and move on.

James and I were together for five months three years ago. The way she's treating him is the exact same way he treated me. That's karma, baby!

In the meantime, build a bridge and get over it. She's just not into you.


  1. Hmm well the way he's been treating girls, he kinda deserves to get a taste of his own medicine. But you warned him, so his fault if he can't see what's obvious to everyone else!

  2. I felt bad for him until it dawned on me that he's reaping what he sowed. He told me they broke up a few hours ago. I was glad they finally did because even he didn't deserve it. He's really a good person deep down. I told him to move on weeks ago

  3. Well that's for the best now probably, maybe he'll see the error of his ways more now that he has experienced the unpleasant side of love for himself.


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