Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 for $10

I'm amazed by some of the people I run into at work. There's always that one that knows exactly how to get directly under your skin like a splinter. It went down last night. I almost smacked a bitch.

"Hi, you find everything ok?"
"I need Sunny D and there's none on the shelf. It's part of the 10 for $10 deal. I don't understand why I have to buy 10 of something just to get the sales price if you don't have what I want!" Pointing at her 10 boxes of Kleenex.
"Uhh..." Caught off guard by her blatant rudeness, like I hid the orange drink just to piss her off, I responded, "Well our truck doesn't come in until midnight. All I can do at this point is write you a Rain Check." Trying to give her a solution to her problem. She barked at me. "What good does that do me? I'm here now. It's not my fault that you're out."
"Ma'am" I wanted to go off on her because she felt that she was entitled to something so precious as Sunny D. I guess I was supposed to pull the juice out of the air. If she wanted the damn drink so bad she should've came in earlier in the week or earlier that day. I'm not a miracle worker. So looking directly at her, I said with a straight face. "Unfortunately, there's none out on the floor. It's not your fault or ours. Our truck doesn't come in until midnight. All I can do at this point is write you a Rain Check." That shut her up long enough for me to write the Rain Check. After I gave her the Rain Check and was ready to start scanning her order, her husband walked into my lane asking me about the 4 for $9 sale on the 12 Pack of Pepsi (or 7-up) products. He wanted to know what the qualifiactions were. I told him, "It's 4 for $9 with a minimum purchase of $25." I was being nice to him because we wasn't giving me any shit. His wife started bitching again. "Pepsi is not the sale for this week. Coca-Cola is." Ok, lady. I guess you work here now. I pointed to her on the sales paper that it was in fact Pepsi that was on sale. I love proving people like her wrong.
"Oh. Haaaa" Trying to cover up her idiocy she says. "For once he finally gets something right. Hardy har har." Now that's not right. Why does she think it's ok to degrade her husband in public or at all for that fact? Her being rude to me is one thing because I'm well adapted to her kind. But being rude to her husband is just wrong. She was laughing like what she said was ok and looking at me for conformation. I didn't give her the satisfaction. I looked up at her with a blank face, broke away from her, and panned over to her husband. He looked so pitiful. He had his head down with both hands in his pocket. What type of grown man will accept that type of treatment? She obviously runs the relationship. Ignored her while she was laughing at herself and began scanning their oder.

This lady has some serious problems because even while I was scanning her order she was still bitching about something. Nothing could shut this bitch up. I'm really good at not letting things get to me. But this bitch did it. I wanted to go off on her. After they left my lane my mood was turned upside down. I wasn't the happy-go-lucky "Krissy" everyone knows me as. I was then the bitchy one. But contained it long enough for me to revert back to myself.

I can't believe all of this snow balled because of a lack of Sunny D. Really? It's not that serious, lady. It's sales like this that bring out the worst in people. Ugh!

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