Friday, August 2, 2013

Where The Hell Did Everybody Go?!

In 2008, I started this blog to branch out from my then MySpace blog. As life would have it, I forgot this account even existed until January 2011 when I was wondering around the Internet looking to find a waiter blog to fill my void from once working at a full service restaurant. I wondered onto The Bitchy Waiter blog and I have to admit that I read his blog from start to finish. Before I could leave my long winded comment showing just how much I enjoyed his blog and proving my existence, I had to log into Blogger. Forgetting that I had an account existing under my email address, I discovered a lonely post from three years prior. After getting up to speed and realizing that the "new" Blogger was once the "old" BlogSpot, everything regarding this account started to make sense to me. Reading The Bitchy Waiter made me feel whole again and I was inspired to get my account up and running again.

After revamping my account, I started posting everyday. After awhile, I started to feel obligated to come up with a topic everyday and I didn't want to feel like that anymore. So I started posting just a few days a week or whenever I felt compelled to. The words were to flowing out of me like water. And then the inevitable happened. By the end of the 2011 year, my well dried up. I was hit with a life changing break up and I just didn't have it in me to post anymore. I posted four blog posts in 2012, but it was nothing compared to my 107 blog post in 2011 year. Now here it is 2013 and I'm on here regularly again. Granted, I only have two post but it's a start.

I'm going through my Reading List and I find that everybody I subscribed to checked out. The newest posts are showing up as "Posted 1 year ago.", "Posted 6 months ago.", "Posted 6 weeks ago." What the hell is going on around here?! I read a few of the "newer posts" and I have a handful of bloggers openly say that they're discontinuing their Blogger account. I have some bloggers say that they are starting a new blog account elsewhere. I have some Bloggers not really say that they are moving but that they just stopped posting completely. I knew the change of websites of The Bitchy Waiter because I follow him on Facebook and I've already made the change in my Bookmark long ago. But I wasn't expecting this of everyone else. Damn!

I know I dried up for a while. But everyone else too? This is some bull. Now I'm on a mission to update my Reading List and getting back into publishing a few posts a week. And to be completely honest, the 12 Followers I have is really like two. I know five of my Followers personally and I know for a fact that they gave up blogging years ago.

It's so dead up in here.      

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  1. I find it hilarious that after logging into blogger for a rant out of nowhere I find you waxing poetic about stuff after a long hiatus...there is some kisment between us stranger


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