Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh, Look! Krissy's Back on Blogger

Thanks for putting up with my three month absents, Readers. I don't know how y'all held out for me for so long. Truth be told, I'd log on every so often just to see if anyone stopped following me and to see, just see, if I had any comments. I did! My comments were generated from my last post of 2011 about Brian Banks of my Missing Person Report post. His cousin got in touch with me via email to tell me that the family of their beloved Victor Brian Banks had been laid to rest. We communicated a little over a month ago. May Brian's soul rest in peace. He's gone but never forgotten.

On a lighter note, as bad as I wanted to post, I just couldn't bring myself to. I had a lot going on with me losing my job due to my drinking on the job on November 13th, to that drink on the job being my last alcoholic beverage, to me finding employment with a different restaurant three days later, to me and Kenny going our separate ways on November 21st, to me finding a second job before the month was over to me meeting and falling in love with my current love Amare on December 4th, to us talking 24/7, to me applying and being approved for an apartment in January, to me and Amare moving in with each other on January 30th and spending every freaking moment together. We've been together three months and things between us are just as good now as they were when we first met.

One would think that I'd want to share every second of what I'd been going through on a regular basis. But for some odd reason my words wouldn't flow out of me as easily as they had in the past. I was at a stand still with my writing all across the boards (i.e my hand written blogs in my notebook, Facebook statuses, journal entries, speaking to others) and me wanting to share information. I withdrew myself from my surroundings and primarily focused on, well, myself. My emotions were at a tug-of-war with everything that had been going on and I inadvertently got lost in my thoughts and emotions. Fortunately enough, I gave myself time to cost day to day without forcing words out allowing myself to bottle up EVERYTHING until the end result; projectile word explosion! Such as this.

So now that we're all up to speed, let's get to blogging, Bloggers!


  1. As a fellow blogger who also disappears for long periods of time I'm happy you're back, I will follow you for as long as you're here to follow. Stay mellow!

  2. Thanks, Trishella. Other things are sort of getting in the way of my writing. But once everything slows down, I will be back regularly. I'll blog about it of course :)


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