Saturday, September 17, 2011

Morning Goop

Date: September 14, 2011
Time: 5 A.M
Location: The Hallway

I was just jolted awake by the most peculiar sound coming from outside my bedroom door. The sound sounded like gigantic water balloons hitting the floor and bursting. All I know is I had to "use it" really bad, so I jumped out my bed searching for pajama bottoms forgetting where they were. I had just washed all my clothes and folded them neatly in the hamper (that never happens) a few hours ago so I was completely lost, half sleep, and panicked until I remembered they were on the bottom of the stack. Once I finally got something on my lower half and a bra on, I unlocked and open the door and I hear a female voice coming from the dark void,
"Be careful. I just threw up."
Realizing it was my cousin Mikki in my bathroom and still being confused by what was going on I reply,
"You came downstairs to throw up?"
Sounding defeated, she answered,
"No. I came down to get some water--."
Right before she could finish her sentence I get the moxy to venture out into the dark to run upstairs to unleash what felt like a waterfall-and what do I do? I walk right in it. I only got as far as the living room couch until I realized what had just happened on the sole of my foot.

Uck! Ruined a perfectly good pair of socks.

Sorry for the totally disgusting story. I had to tell someone and you all were my first choice--after Kenny of course.

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