Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Lose a Girlfriend in 10 days

1) Turing off your phone sending her calls straight to Voicemail.
2) Letting the phone ring and don't answer her calls.
3) Seeing she called and don't bother calling her back.
4) Leaving her to wonder why you won't speak to her.
5) Don't bother to reply to her chain of text messages.
6) Placing blame on her.
7) Texting her far and few in between.
8) Placing all your needs before hers.
9) Stop communicating with her.
10) Ignoring her.
11) Don't call her.
12) Making her feel like you've forgotten about her altogether.
13) Making her feel worthless.
14) Making her feel lousy.
15) Making her cry.
16) Making her sad.
17) Making her feel lonely.
18) Making her attention seeking.
19) Breaking her heart.
20) Allowing her to resent you.
21) Making her feel like maybe she's wasting her time.
22) Giving her time to lose interest in you.
23) Making her realize she deserves better.
24) Being just like all the other guys. Something you said you'd never do.
25) Most importantly, making her feel as though she shouldn't have taken 10 days without pay out of her work schedule to travel more than 2,000 miles to visit you. What was supposed to be a post happy visit ended in vain.
If you love someone, and I really mean deep down in your soul-you'll die if you ever lost this person type of love, you'd never go out of your way to treat that person that badly. It's just a slap in the face to her when she thinks back on all the things she's done for you and all times she heard you tell her that you'd never break her heart or never leave her. Love is NOT supposed to hurt.

If reading this blog post offends you, then that means this was directed towards you specifically and was intended as an eye opener.

In other words, don't let it happen again!


  1. I'm sorry your trip didn't go well stranger, but there's nowhere to go but up. Focus on positivity and your inner strength and you will see the light on the other side of the dark clouds. Maybe go for a run? Those endorphins are second to none for a mood boost! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanksgiving is my fave! :)

    The trip went well. It was the days afterwards that ruined the trip.

    Thanks for the words.


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