Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kenny and Krissy: Together Again

Date: September 18, 2011 to September 23, 2011
Time: 9:00 Sunday Evening to 11:00 Friday morning
Location: Clinton Township and Detroit, Michigan


Three hours after landing at the Detroit Wayne County airport and adjusting to the cool midwestern weather, I was enthusiastically greeted with tight hugs and wet kisses on the front porch from my *Kenny at my moms house. My nostrils were filled with the sweet undertones of his cologne, I felt the touch of his moist soft lips on mine, I tasted the residual mint flavored gum mixed with Newport cigarettes from his saliva. Our eyes gazed into each other, if only for a minute. That minute felt like an eternity. Our reunion nestled us in a euphoria. In that moment I was no longer Kristi. I was **Kristi and **Ken and I loved every micro second of it. The mass of the population don't realize how fortunate they are to have their other half within earshot. Unlucky lovers such as myself and Kenny have to maintain a relationship that's over 2,000 miles apart, seven States wide, three Time Zones away. No one said it would be easy, but somehow, some way, we made it work. The days and months are still mounting. We're currently on our eighth month. After gathering my things once again and temporarily telling my mom and little big brother good bye, Kenny and I drove to the city of Detroit for a four night-five day stay at his home after doing some light grocery shopping at the local Kroger in Roseville. 

The days in between were filled with meeting his mom, dad, sister, brothers, niece, nephew, friends, watching movies, gambling at the MGM Grand casino in downtown Detroit, dining in, ordering out, dancing, laughter, loving, touching, hugging, getting sick. [We've come to a screeching halt.] Yes, getting sick. I caught a cold from the massive amounts of chilly air creeping into our love cave. From someone that has adapted to scorching heat and thick air of the Sonoran desert in Arizona, the Michigan native in me couldn't adjust back to the environment that it was most familiar with. The days following were miserable from deep within my thoracic and sinus cavities. But every moment spent with my Kenny made every "I feel like death" moment ok. 

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and boy, were they right. The amount of catching up we did was a sight to be seen. Or not be seen if your faint of heart. To finally be able to look over and see his face, or reach out and touch him and utter his name and he's in the same space to verbalize his response took me to a new level of being in love. Everything about that man turned me on and we took full advantage of our time together. 

To be continued...

*Story version names
**Real names

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