Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

It starts as a search. Then in an instant, a photo reaches out to you as if grabbing you by your shirt collar to reel you in. And just like that, an attraction starts. The attraction runs so deep that you can barley stay afloat. You spend minutes trying to come up with the right words to say but you come up short. You recalculate your plan because your gut tells you this is the right person for you. You become nervous. Your hands sweat. Your heart pounds. You second guess, then in a "click" it's all over. You feel like your life has ended. Time passes. Then, finally, the moment you've been praying for. You realize your reaching out wasn't in vein. Your love interest replies and suddenly you're no longer in control. The attraction is mutual and you're both along for the ride. Where it stops? No one knows. But you both know you want to ride side by side with this person through and through.  

It started as a simple search and lead to the greatest everlasting love of all. 

I love you, Amare! None of this would be possible if you hadn't found me.  

Take chances. You'll never know where you'd end up.

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