Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa is a Liar

Elijah said, "Santa is a liar" because he didn't get his Nintendo DS last year. 

So, this is what I told him, "First off, Santa is a she named Smama Claus and she's black. The reason you didn't get your DS is 'cause Smama didn't send her check from last Christmas and her credit card was declined and the elves went on strike 'cause Smama don't got the money to pay them for making the toys! So when Smama sends her check or her credit card clears then you'll get your DS. Oh and by the way, Santa don't want no milk and cookies...I mean Smama Claus 'cause she black. So she told me to tell y'all to leave her some chicken and hot sauce wit a few pieces of wheat bread. She lactose intolerant. So give her a Coke and keep the milk! The end."

I found this on one of my friends Facebook statuses. It was too funny not to turn into a blog post. 

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