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Kenny V.s Spenny (Original Post Date November 19, 2007)

I dug up this little piece of literature from my MySpace archive that I saved on my laptop. As you see, this was written exactly four years ago on this day. I think its pretty gosh darn phenomenal that I decided to go through my old blog files that fell on this exact date. I didn't plan this. I swear.

Anyway, enjoy...and don't gag. 

Kenny Vs Spenny: Who Can Eat More Meat?

Date: November 19, 2007
Time: Prime Timeish
Location: Macomb Township, MI

If you've never seen this show on Comedy Central then you don't know what your missin'. The show is basically about these two best friends who compete against each other every week. The winner gets the glory and the looser does whatever the winner tells him. Their competitions are ridiculous, immature and intensely funny, which brings me to my next point.

I had just turned to Comedy Central and caught the last 10 minutes of South Park. The commercial for Kenny vs. Spenny came on and I was like, "Eww! I'm not watchin' that!!!" Little did I know, I did watch that and I'm completely regretful that I did.

The competition for this episode was: Who could eat the most meat. Yeah! Pretty gross. I got suckered in. I just wanted to watch the first few minutes to see how the competition started but somehow I got sucked in. 
The way the two best friends kept tabs on who ate the most was by weighing the meat. Kenny was in the lead until the very end of the show. Spenny took the lead because he was smart about what he was doing and he didn't get barbaric like Kenny.       

First off let me say, Kenny is insane. He ate any meat that came his way. His first choice was cow's tongue which was gross to begin with. I like Spenny because he's smart and sincere. He started off eating a whole turkey. By staying in the game he found a clever way to digests his meat. I beat you're sayin’ to yourself, "Hmm. That doesn't sound so bad." You're wrong! 

In the begging of the episode Spenny was soundly asleep until Kenny came in his room with a bucket of cow organs and intestines and dumped it on him. This part was so funny to me because the editors put it in slow-mo. Spenny jumped out of bed yelling "What is this?!!!! What is this?!!!" and Kenny ran away like a little girl and hid in the corner of the living room. Spenny then found the nearest object, which happened to be an extension cord, and whipped Kenny's back.

The next part wasn't so funny. This is when it got nasty. At the height of Kenny's carnivorous journey Kenny spontaneously started throwing up. I yelled out "Oh! Jeeze!" covered my eyes and lowered the volume on the TV because I starting gagging and I literally almost threw up too. This lasted at least five minutes on three separate occasions.

Since I watched that episode last night I have been turned off by meat. That's bad considering how my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is nothing but three days away...

Nasty, right? Go out there and search for this episode on YouTube or somethin' so you can actually see what I saw and be grossed out at the same time. 

If you saw this episode and remember it, more power to ya!

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