Tuesday, November 22, 2011

40 Things by 40

I saw this Bucket List called 30 Things by 30 on a fellow bloggers blog some weeks ago and I've been having the urge to write my own. I'm just a few years older than she and I don't see all these things getting done come time I reach my 30th birthday. I'm much closer to that age than she is. So here's my Bucket List. 40 Things by 40...In no particular order.

1.Get my Bachelor's Degree of Arts in English
2. Become a Best-Selling Published Writer
3. Expand my Vocabulary one Word a Day
4. Finally see the Ocean
5. Go Surfing
6. Get a New Piercing
7. Get my First Tattoo
8. Go Sky Diving
9. Run a Marathon
10. Grow my own Vegetable Garden

11. Move to California
12. Move to New York
13. Move to New Orleans
14. Travel Every Year and Visit all 50 States
15. Travel to South America, Europe, East Asia, South Africa, Australia, The Islands
16. Go on Regular Road Trips
17. Visit a Vineyard
18. Meet BeyoncĂ© (New York)
19. Meet Trista Russell (Chicago)
20. Meet Tyler Perry (Atlanta)

21. Keep Growing out my Hair
22. Get my High School Figure Back. Size 7/8 (I'm only a few pant sizes shy of this goal.)
23. Be like my Brother and become Fluent in Spanish
24. Learn to Speak French
25. Become my own Boss
26. Be on Reality TV (Follow in the Foot Steps of Anthony Bourdain)
27. Own More Shoes
28. Own More Clothes
29. Own More Purses
30. Marry the love of my life

31. Win the Lottery
32. Own my own Successful Restaurant
33. Save for my Retirement
34. Grow my Savings Account
35. Become less Dependent on my Credit Cards
36. Donate to St. Jude Children's Hospital
37. Pay off my Student Loans in Less Than Ten Years
38. Pay off my Nissan Loan in Less Than Five Years
39. Pay those two Charge Offs I have on my Credit Report-Stupid Credit Reports
40. Lead a Debt Free Life

"This is my life. This is my one time to be. I want to experience all good things."
~Maya Angelou

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