Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Tree Hill

Every Tuesday for as far as history dates back, my Nana would park herself in front of the TV, turn to the CW network and watch One Tree Hill. Much to her surprise, this Tuesday didn't exactly go according to plan.

I was in the kitchen making me a bowl of mashed 'tators with sour cream and Colby jack cheese. My Nana's husband was watching Family Feud, as he does every single day, and she was sitting in her comfy fux leather recliner reading The Good Book under the floor lamp.

As I was walking past them to get back into my bedroom to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, my Nana blurts out in excitement, "One Tree Hill comes on tonight." As my mind recalled, the program was coming on as their friend was leaving. If I was calculating correctly, that was quite some time ago. Right at that moment without any hesitation, I blurt out as I was walking past with my bowl of mashed 'tators. "Its already on." You would have thought she was getting electrocuted; and just like that, she jumped out of her seat, threw the The Good Book on the floor, asking where the remote was, and starts flipping out demanding her husband to hurry up to change the channel. Her husband shouts from the couch, "Why did you have to say that? 'Krissy', go to your room." I started laughing because I knew her husband was serious, even though he jokes around a lot and also because I wasn't expecting him to tell me to go to my room. I'm 25 years old. "Go to your room" aren't words one hears all willy nelly. All he wanted to do was watch Family Feud in peace. And I was also laughing because I knew he wasn't going to change the channel despite her demands that he does.

As I was in my room, I heard them in the living room going back and forth. It was like listing to the Great Debate. As she's telling him to change the channel, I butt in again (because that's all that I'm good for around here). "Its going off in ten minutes." Nana shouts out, "What! I thought I came on at 8:00 O'clock..." still trying to convince her husband to change the channel. Did he do it? Nope.

He's going back and forth telling her that there's no point. She's mourning the loss of her episode. And there I was, the instigator.

Ten minutes later...

Nana: "How can I watch One Tree Hill on the internet?"

She just couldn't let it go. Poor thing.

This Shorts Moment has been brought to you by Krissy


  1. Poor thing! DVR's can truly save marriages these days :)

  2. The DVR as we all know it has been banished and forgetten about in our household. Its no longer in the budget.

    This is a sad story :( Lol!

  3. Go to your room...classic. Picking wit old folks....shame on you.

  4. I do it all the time. That's why they love me :)


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