Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

I can say some of the most off the wall things sometimes. Mind you, this is when I'm sober. But, when I get a little bit--and I do mean a little bit of alcohol is in me, there's no telling what will roll off my tongue (or fingers). Hence, the "random/randomness" disclaimers all the damn where. 

Facebook, Oh how I love thee.

Please enjoy this status conversation.

Status: They wear hats in England! That's fancy

Amanda: They were required to wear those today. Lol!

Me: Saweet! I love the classic classy look. If only America was...(I'll end my sentence here).

Amanda: Lmao! I know right!

Tom:  Hey. I wanted to bring the Lincoln hat back. But I was criticized.

 Me: That lady with that salmon colored hat that looks like a satellite dish is fly!...Tom, I dare you! Lol!

Tom: You dare me, huh? Hmmm. Lol!

Me: And I want a picture of you with it on your head in a 8x10 picture frame. Give it to me in 2013 during our 10 year high school reunion. You have T minus two years. GET ON IT!!

Tom: Hey. I am a man of my word.. And when I find a Lincoln hat you will be the first one to know. You have a deal, 'Krissy'. 8x10.  Its on.

Me: Saweet! (Tom Likes)

Shannon: Omg. Lmao. Smdh. Just in case you didn't understand, I'll decode that for you: Oh my Gosh. Laughing my ass off. Shaking my damn head.

Meanwhile during a new status update...

Status: ['Krissy'] suddenly inspired to buy a fancy grandma church hat

Tom: Now see. We're going to have to exchange pics now. Its the only fair thing to do. Lol!

Me: Hmm..Fine. You win this round. But next time I'm coming full force.

Tom: Thanks for the warning :)

Me: Hey! Anytime ;)

Back to the original post: (They wear hats in England! That's fancy)

Me: You want in, Shannon?

Shannon: No. I ain't wearing no damn hat! My damn head is too damn big for that shit. Lmfao. Once more. I'll decode that for you: Laughing my fuckin' ass off. (I Like)

Me: Why did you just remind me of my mom when you said that?.. Fine. You can just sit on the sidelines while me and Tom have all the fun. (Shannon Likes)

Tom: Hey, Shay Shay. Then why don't you rock the eye monocle? Lmfao. You should know what Lmfao is by now. Shame on you if you don't. (I Like)

Me: Good idea! And a cane. You know you'll look hella good rockin' a oak stick.

Shannon: I kinda like all the big ass colorful bows they are rockin to the side with the 1980's tooling in their face. (I like)

Tom: Lmao. Yea. And if anyone talks back, you can just use your cane. Lol!

Me: I mean, from a far and with a little (maybe a lot) of alcohol in the system, hats look kinda silly. I mean really. You're decorating your head. What point is that serving? Its like sitting in front of a dead tree watching the lights flash during the winter holiday (known as Christmas).

Tom: Lol! Like the hat Posh is wearing. Wtf is that? Here I am to save the day again. Tom says: What the fuck is that?

Me: I know! Why is it on her damn forehead?

Tom: Idk. Its all kind of dumb and kind of cool I guess. For 'ol times sake: Idk translates into; I don't know.

Me: Agreed!

Tom: Omg! These hats are just obnoxious. Lol!

Me: Attack of the Hats: 2011

If you payed close attention, you could see how we had a strong love for hats in the beginning of the conversation down to hating the inner most fibers of them towards the end of the conversation.

We still love you England! (even though we have a funny way of showing it) :)

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