Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bad Influence

I ran and stood on the bottom of the stairs yelling up to my little cousin.

"Marie! Marie! Come here!"

Marie came running from the upstairs loft to the bottom of the stairs of where I was standing.


"What do you wanna go to QT for?"

"To get a bag of chips."

I looked over to my right staring into the kitchen. "There's two bags of chips right there and they're free."

Being the young thing that she is, she gave her famous innocent cheesy smile and kiddishly said, "I don't like those. I want hot Cheetos."

"Uh. Those are Cheetos and you can put hot sauce on it."

"But I don't want to put hot sauce on those." Still trying to be convincing. "Come on. Take me to QT."

"Why does it have to be QT? Why can't it be CVS, Walgreens, Circle K...?"

Still being the adorable little thing she is, Marie replies, "Oh. I never thought about that."

I chime in. "Because. You live on the other side of the railroad tracks."

In her highest pitch of voice, "Exactly!" vomits out of her mouth. "Now take me to QT."

There's something about this little girl always trying to get me to take her places. Everytime I see her she says "Take me to get some sushi." or "Take me to QT." or the never ending "Take me to Fry's." Do I ever take her? No. That's just who she is. My auto response is "How much money do you have?" her amount never changes. Its either "$1." or "$2." Other times she randomly shouts out "Let's make S'mores." I say, "We need ingredients. Do you have any 'S'mores' money?" and of course I get the "I have $1." One dollar isn't gonna buy a graham cracker. So, no we can't make S'mores this time, little girl.

Last year I made it a priority to do things with her and her little brother. We'd make Friday plans to do anything. My favorite was the time I went and brought the re-release of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. That Friday was a big deal. Marie and I went to Fry's and brought strawberries, a whole pineapple, seedless grapes, and a kiwi (even though I'm allergic to them). I love exposing her to new and different things. Turns out she loves the little fuzzy green fruit. We went home, washed and cut all the fruit and made this massive fruit salad. At that time I was working at Jason's Deli. I brought her a Kids Baked Potato. That thing is literally as big as my foot! And I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe. So you can only imagine how huge that Idaho potato is. It was loaded with butter, bacon, cheddar, and sour cream. Talk about nutrious and delicious. I ordered myself the turkey Muffaletta. If you've never had a Muffaletta I suggest you try one A.S.A.P. Earlier while I was at work that day, I brought their famous fruit dip to go with our fruit. That dip is a big deal. I know the ingrediants and I would spew them out to you, but I'm not at liberty to say what's exactly in it. I'll probably get sued or something for briefly mentioning it. This is America. We get sued over looking at someone the wrong way. Anyhoo...

We didn't go to QT...this time. Before she tried to run away from me I said, "Wait wait. Come here."

Looking daised and confused Marie collides with me. "What. What."

Going in close to her ear I began to whisper, "In ten years you'll be old enough to drink alcohol."

She started to giggle while covering her mouth. "I don't care." while still giggling.

"Yes you do. Its wonderful. Its wonderful."

I don't know what lead me to tell her about alcohol. I mean. Maybe I do. I did enjoy a glass of Moscato maybe a half hour to an hour before calling her down. But still. That was random. Even for me.

Its official. I'm a bad influence. The closer they are to 21, the more I speak of alcohol. I don't know. Its just in my wino nature.

This Shorts Moment has been brought to you by Krissy


  1. In a few years I can drink alcohal. I can't wait. (hehehehehe)

  2. All I can do is smile. Liquor is King


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