Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Drawing by Natalie Dee
"A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities."

read the Fortune Cookie.

I thought long and hard after reading that fortune. Then, the past three years flashed before my eyes. My greatest ability is expressing my emotions in writing. Of all the blog posts I've posted (Blogger and MySpace), journal entries I've written, poems I've--ugh! Who am I kidding? I gave up poetry. It's too bloody depressing. Ok. So. All of the poems I could have written, and novels I have in process, goes to show I am good at what I do. But honestly, before January 2008, writing has never been a big part of my life. I let my talent waste away while I focused on and did things I probably shouldn't have been focusing on. 

What makes 2008 to this present day so significant is the fact that I willingly moved over 2,000 miles away from my home. From everything I know. From everything that was familiar to me for a better life. Little did I know...little did I know. Moving to Arizona has become a good thing in a sense that it's helped me find myself. However, on the flip side, moving to Arizona has been a bad thing for the simple fact that I have a really hard time bonding with the people out here. There aren't any commonalities between us. And to top it all off, people here are so fake! 

I found a way to drown myself in my talent and get lost in it because I feel as though I'm alone in this big dry valley they call Arizona.

And just as quick as the flash before my eyes started, it faded away.

I crumbled up the fortune and realized that the Panda Express franchise distributes billions of this fortune a day. The only impact reading the so called fortune was make me realize how great I already am.

Crunch on that!

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