Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Snap!

Driving north on the 347 heading to work, Krissy, sang along loudly to the music blaring out of her speakers, going high speeds of 80 miles per hour. The air conditioner was cranked to the max because that Arizona heat don't play. Keeping in mind, the sun to her left, she turns out the sun visor to protect her caramel colored skin against the 114 degree heat penetrating through the window from the sun rays that's concentrated on her through the tented window. On the passengers seat she had her iPhone laying on top her purple, blue, black, and white bubbled textured clutch wallet. Any other day, her iPhone would be in her lap like a little lap dog, but today she figured she'd let her phone seat beside her like a "big kid".

About two minutes after getting onto I-10, Krissy, decided to check her phone. On the screen she saw she had a missed call from a minute earlier. "Who in the world keeps calling me from California?" looking at the 714 area code displayed on her screen. "I'mma have to call them back and get ghetto on them. I don't know these people." Krissy thought. But she decided against it. Instead she kept her eye on the 714 number and the Santa Ana, California display looking back at her on the glowing screen. Then almost instantly, she see's she has a Voicemail. "Ooh! Look!" saying to herself, "I got a Voicemail." She frantically raced to mute her radio.

     "Hi, Krissy. This is Timothy calling from (company that shal never be mentioned). I received your resume for a dental assistant position. We have a position available in Chandler. We would like to conduct a brief phone screen with you if you have a moment. Call us back at (714) 555-3389. Thank you."

Without a single thought or hesitation, Krissy blurts out, "Oh SNAP!" and instantly displays a gigantic smile on her face. She sarcastically says to herself, "Yeah he would call me on my way to work." Not having anytime to go through the phone screen, Krissy blurts out onto the freeway traffic as she merges onto the Ray Road exit ramp, "He'll just have to wait 'till tomorrow." Looking out the window at the purple mountains in the distance, Krissy thought about the Blog post from the night before, My Job is Making me Lazy, and all the prayers she has been sending to God to help her find her way. She felt as though her life was finally moving in the right direction again. And then it hit her. "I sent them that resume back in June! This better be for an Orthodontic back office position." 

To be continued...

Drawing by Natalie Dee

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