Monday, August 8, 2011

I Found a New Gig as an Editor!

Yayee! My literary dreams are partially coming true.

My friend 'ol buddy 'ol pal, Tom, agreed to make me his Blog editor. I spent nearly all last night editing the final version of Tom Vs. Millions. I thought the job would be a piece of cake, Red Velvet cheese cake, apple pie, and Red Kool-Aid. But I was wrong. It was exactly the opposite.
Drawing by Natalie Dee

I sat at this table, on this chair, in front of this laptop for about four hours. My goal was to stay true to the story that the author was telling. I didn't want to change a thing, except for the misspelled words, poor grammar, and incorrect everything. I believe in true artistry--if that's even a word. I took Tom's words and gave them a new canvas.

Same story, different colors.

Now if I could only find a way to get paid off this guy.


  1. I feel bad, that I'm making you work. And I'm a little embarrassed that how horrible I'am.

  2. Every writer needs an editor. If they didn't, literature won't make sense.

    I'm my own editor.

    Don't feel bad.

  3. Hey i was thinking. Maybe next time your in town. Ill buy ya lunch, maybe a bloomin onion for all your hard work. Hell maybe we can get shay shay to go also. A little insomniac get together. Can we all handle the sun hmmm lol.


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